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Handling multiple inheritance [for CXL]

From: Ben Widawsky
Subject: Handling multiple inheritance [for CXL]
Date: Tue, 26 Jan 2021 13:33:52 -0800

I'm working on CXL 2.0 type 3 memory devices [1]. In short, these are PCIe 
that have persistent memory on them. As such, it would be nice to inherit from
both a PCI_DEVICE class as well as an NVDIMM device class.

Truth be told, using TYPE_MEMORY_DEVICE as the interface does provide most of
what I need. I'm wondering what the best way to handle this is. Currently, the
only thing NVDIMM class provides is write/read_label_data, this is driven by
_DSM. For CXL, the mechanism to read/write the equivalent area is not done via
_DSM, but done directly via a mailbox interface. However, the intent is the
same, and so utilizing similar code seems ideal.

If there's a desire to unify these code paths, I'd need something like multiple
inheritance. I'm looking for some feedback here on how to do it.



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