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Re: [PATCH v14 00/22] i386 cleanup PART 2

From: Richard Henderson
Subject: Re: [PATCH v14 00/22] i386 cleanup PART 2
Date: Thu, 28 Jan 2021 14:22:50 -1000
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On 1/27/21 11:27 PM, Claudio Fontana wrote:
> Claudio Fontana (17):
>   target/riscv: remove CONFIG_TCG, as it is always TCG
>   accel/tcg: split TCG-only code from cpu_exec_realizefn
>   target/arm: do not use cc->do_interrupt for KVM directly
>   cpu: move cc->do_interrupt to tcg_ops
>   cpu: move cc->transaction_failed to tcg_ops
>   cpu: move do_unaligned_access to tcg_ops
>   physmem: make watchpoint checking code TCG-only
>   cpu: move adjust_watchpoint_address to tcg_ops
>   cpu: move debug_check_watchpoint to tcg_ops
>   cpu: tcg_ops: move to tcg-cpu-ops.h, keep a pointer in CPUClass
>   accel: extend AccelState and AccelClass to user-mode
>   accel: replace struct CpusAccel with AccelOpsClass
>   accel: introduce AccelCPUClass extending CPUClass
>   i386: split cpu accelerators from cpu.c, using AccelCPUClass
>   cpu: call AccelCPUClass::cpu_realizefn in cpu_exec_realizefn
>   hw/core/cpu: call qemu_init_vcpu in cpu_common_realizefn
>   accel: introduce new accessor functions
> Eduardo Habkost (5):
>   cpu: Introduce TCGCpuOperations struct
>   cpu: Move synchronize_from_tb() to tcg_ops
>   cpu: Move cpu_exec_* to tcg_ops
>   cpu: Move tlb_fill to tcg_ops
>   cpu: Move debug_excp_handler to tcg_ops

I'm going to queue the first 18 patches to tcg-next.

With the exception of the minor target/arm do_interrupt change, they clearly
fall into the tcg bucket.

Patch 19, split i386 accelerators, needs more i386 review, and on a host
accelerator I can't test.  If I drop that, then patch 20 doesn't apply, so I'll
let the rest of the series go.  But at least it'll reduce the size of your
patch load.


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