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[Bug 1913913] Re: i386-linux-user returns -1 in sigcontext->trapno

From: Dirk A Niggemann
Subject: [Bug 1913913] Re: i386-linux-user returns -1 in sigcontext->trapno
Date: Sun, 31 Jan 2021 19:49:16 -0000

I have identified the core issue:

Synchronous exceptions/traps in linux-user/i386/cpu_loop.c are handled as a 
return value from cpu_exec().
cpu_exec() resets exception_index to -1 in  cpu_handle_exception()

This means that queue_signal() (called from gen_signal() in the cpu
loop) does not store the actual  CPU trap value anywhere.

If we abuse env->exception_nr to store the trapnr, and retrieve it from
there in setup_sigcontext() in linux-user/i386/signal.c instead of using
exception_index (which will be set to -1 for all synchronous excptions).

The main issue is if this breaks asynchronous signals, and under what
conditions exception_nr should be set to -1.

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devel-ml, which is subscribed to QEMU.

  i386-linux-user returns -1 in sigcontext->trapno

Status in QEMU:

Bug description:
  QEMU development version, git commit
  74208cd252c5da9d867270a178799abd802b9338. Behaviour has been noted in
  5.2.0 generally.

  Certain 16-bit windows programs crash WINE under QEMU linux-user with:

  0084:err:seh:segv_handler Got unexpected trap -1
  wine: Unhandled illegal instruction at address 00006D65 (thread 0084), 
starting debugger...

  They run correctly on native i386.

  Upon further inspection,it becomes clear these programs are failing at
  addresses where they are making DOS calls (int 21h ie CD 21 for

  It is also clear that WINE is expecting an exception/signal at this
  point, to patch in the actual int21h handling code inside WINE.

  However, wine uses sigcontext output extensively to do its structured
  exception handling. sigcontext->trapno being set to -1 seems to
  confuse it, causing it to treat the exception as an actual unhandled

  I do not know if exception_index is being left at -1 due to the case
  of privileged instructions being executed in 16-bit ldts not being
  handled specifically, or if there is some other illegal instruction
  case causing this.

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