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Re: eMMC support

From: Cédric Le Goater
Subject: Re: eMMC support
Date: Mon, 1 Feb 2021 23:01:58 +0100
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>> FYI, aspeed machines successfully boot on top of 16G emmc disk images.
>> I merged some of xilinx patches on top of the aspeed-6.0 branch to
>> improve the model completeness but only the one fixing powerup was
>> really necessary.
>> The initial diffstat is rather small.
>>  hw/sd/sd.c             |  168 
>> ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-------
>> We can surely find a way to merge support in mainline without
>> covering the whole specs. The Extended CSD register would be the
>> big part.
> */[Sai Pavan Boddu] I’m revisiting eMMC now, made some patches on top of 
> previous series sent by “Vincent Palatin”./*
> */Would you like to share your changes, which made aspeed machines to work ?/*
> */Regards,
> Sai Pavan/*

The patchset is in the aspeed-6.0 branch : 

    df91d012672c Cédric Le Goater - hw/arm/aspeed: Load eMMC first boot area as 
a boot rom
    27b75a7ad322 Cédric Le Goater - hw/arm/aspeed: Add eMMC property
    2836cf5a15a1 Joel Stanley - hw/arm/aspeed: Set boot device to emmc
    42c9d57f5cd0 Joel Stanley - sd: mmc: Subtract bootarea size from blk
    218301406607 Joel Stanley - sd: mmc: Support boot area in emmc image
    df0452923b56 Cédric Le Goater - sd: mmc: Add Extended CSD register 
    416c02bbfd32 Sai Pavan Boddu - sd: mmc: Add mmc switch function support
    a228aef1a209 Sai Pavan Boddu - sd: mmc: add CMD21 tuning sequence
    9b177d7baf8e Sai Pavan Boddu - sd: mmc: Update CMD1 definition for MMC
    6677e4eb6812 Vincent Palatin - sd: add eMMC support
Also based on Vincent Palatin initial patches, reworked by Joel and I.

Booting an aspeed machine requires a bit of work since you need to build
an eMMc disk image with uboot in the boot partitions. 

Here is a little script from Joel to get you going.






FILES="u-boot.bin u-boot-spl.bin obmc-phosphor-image-witherspoon-tacoma.wic.xz"

for file in ${FILES}; do

        if test -f ${file}; then
                echo "${file}: Already downloaded"
                echo "${file}: Downloading"
                wget -nv ${URLBASE}/${file}


echo "Creating empty image..."
dd status=none if=/dev/zero of=${OUTFILE} bs=1M count=${IMAGESIZE}
echo "Adding SPL..."
dd status=none if=u-boot-spl.bin of=${OUTFILE} conv=notrunc
echo "Adding u-boot..."
dd status=none if=u-boot.bin of=${OUTFILE} conv=notrunc bs=1K seek=64
echo "Adding userdata..."
unxz -c obmc-phosphor-image-witherspoon-tacoma.wic.xz | dd status=progress 
of=${OUTFILE} conv=notrunc bs=1M seek=2
echo "Fixing size to keep qemu happy..."
truncate --size 16G ${OUTFILE}

echo "Done!"
echo " qemu-system-arm -M tacoma-bmc -nographic -drive 

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