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USB pass through into Mac OS 9.x with qemu-system-ppc

From: Howard Spoelstra
Subject: USB pass through into Mac OS 9.x with qemu-system-ppc
Date: Mon, 8 Feb 2021 14:29:06 +0100

Hi all,

I'd like to report an issue when passing through an USB device into Mac OS 9.2.
Passing through the same device into Fedora 12 ppc guest works fine. Host is Fedora 33. Both guests use the OHCI controller. AFAICT Mac OS 9 only has support for OHCI.

Pcap files for two runs are attached, as is a screenshot of Mac OS 9.2 USB messages from inside the guest.

A noticeable issue when comparing the pcap files seems to be at Fedora pcap frame 8 and Mac OS 9.2 pcap frame 28 (configuration descriptor). It seems the Mac OS side is missing 5 bytes and hence the packet is malformed.
(A run with Mac OS 9.0 as guest showed that this guest only missed 1 byte in the response.)

Also visible in the Mac OS pcap file at frame 53 is that it seems a setup package is contained in an URB that is not suited for it.

Qemu-system-ppc is started like this for the Mac OS guest:
./qemu-system-ppc \
-M mac99,via=pmu \
-m 512 \
-boot c \
-serial stdio \
-L pc-bios \
-drive file=/home/hsp/Mac-disks/9.2.img,format=raw,media=disk \
-device usb-host,vendorid=0x058f,productid=0x6387,pcap=macos92.pcap

Or like this for the Fedora 12 guest:
./qemu-system-ppc \
-L pc-bios \
-boot c \
-prom-env "boot-device=hd:,\yaboot" -prom-env "boot-args=conf=hd:,\yaboot.conf" \
-M mac99,via=pmu \
-m 1024 \
-drive file=/home/hsp/Linux-disks/fedora12.qcow2 \
-g 1024x768x32 \
-device usb-host,vendorid=0x058f,productid=0x6387,pcap=fedora12.pcap

Thanks for looking into this,

Howard Spoelstra

Screenshot from 2021-02-08 08-06-56.png

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