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Re: [RFC PATCH 2/3] hw/block/nvme: support command retry delay

From: Klaus Jensen
Subject: Re: [RFC PATCH 2/3] hw/block/nvme: support command retry delay
Date: Wed, 10 Feb 2021 21:37:08 +0100

On Feb 11 04:52, Minwoo Im wrote:
> Set CRDT1(Command Retry Delay Time 1) in the Identify controller data
> structure to milliseconds units of 100ms by the given value of
> 'cmd-retry-delay' parameter which is newly added.  If
> cmd-retry-delay=1000, it will be set CRDT1 to 10.  This patch only
> considers the CRDT1 without CRDT2 and 3 for the simplicity.
> This patch also introduced set/get feature command handler for Host
> Behavior feature (16h).  In this feature, ACRE(Advanced Command Retry
> Enable) will be set by the host based on the Identify controller data
> structure, especially by CRDTs.
> If 'cmd-retry-delay' is not given, the default value will be -1 which is
> CRDT will not be configured at all and ACRE will not be supported.  In
> this case, we just set NVME_DNR to the error CQ entry just like we used
> to.  If it's given to positive value, then ACRE will be supported by the
> device.
> Signed-off-by: Minwoo Im <minwoo.im.dev@gmail.com>
> ---


Reviewed-by: Klaus Jensen <k.jensen@samsung.com>

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