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Re: [PATCH 3/6] Acceptance Tests: use the job work directory for created

From: John Snow
Subject: Re: [PATCH 3/6] Acceptance Tests: use the job work directory for created VMs
Date: Mon, 15 Feb 2021 18:13:53 -0500
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On 2/11/21 5:01 PM, Cleber Rosa wrote:
The QEMUMachine uses a base temporary directory for all temporary
needs.  By setting it to the Avocado's workdir, it's possible to
keep the temporary files during debugging sessions much more
easily by setting the "--keep-tmp" command line option.

Makes sense, kinda-sorta.

Is this a band-aid?

QEMUMachine has this gem in _post_shutdown():

        if self._temp_dir is not None:
            self._temp_dir = None

we probably do want a way to adjust the deletion policy that QEMUMachine has. Kevin and I discussed this (extremely briefly) in January. One note is that the QEMU logs are read into memory when the process closes, so iotests et al have a chance to show you those logs on failure cases. Not relevant here for your purposes.

Meanwhile, we could also change the behavior of QEMUMachine, and create a temp dir deletion policy tunable:

(1) Always delete
(2) Never delete
(3) Delete on success (keep on failure)
(4) Delete on success and anticipated failures.

(About #4: QEMUMachine has a condition where it will not report AbornalShutdown if .kill() is called and the retcode is observed to be -SIGKILL. We treat this as a kind of success.)

These avocado tests could then just use a "never delete" policy, use the avocado runner's working dir, and then never worry about the cleanup.

iotests could do something similar with a temporary directory established by the top-level runner that we could modify the behavior of with --keep-files[ <on-failure|always>] or similar.

It might be time to just make this less stupidly annoying for all users of the library once and for all.

Signed-off-by: Cleber Rosa <crosa@redhat.com>
  tests/acceptance/avocado_qemu/__init__.py | 3 ++-
  1 file changed, 2 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/tests/acceptance/avocado_qemu/__init__.py 
index bf54e419da..b7ab836455 100644
--- a/tests/acceptance/avocado_qemu/__init__.py
+++ b/tests/acceptance/avocado_qemu/__init__.py
@@ -172,7 +172,8 @@ class Test(avocado.Test):
def _new_vm(self, *args):
          self._sd = tempfile.TemporaryDirectory(prefix="avo_qemu_sock_")
-        vm = QEMUMachine(self.qemu_bin, sock_dir=self._sd.name)
+        vm = QEMUMachine(self.qemu_bin, base_temp_dir=self.workdir,
+                         sock_dir=self._sd.name)
          if args:
          return vm

But, you know, absent all that extra work, sure:

Reviewed-by: John Snow <jsnow@redhat.com>

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