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[Bug 1908832] Re: jack audio dev produces no sound

From: José Pekkarinen
Subject: [Bug 1908832] Re: jack audio dev produces no sound
Date: Wed, 24 Feb 2021 07:55:07 -0000


I spend some time debugging this during the morning, I found that there is a 
while connecting the ports that always exits the function without connecting the
jack ports, simplifying it as in the following diff lets me build and use the
audio outputs correctly in the vm:

diff --git a/audio/jackaudio.c b/audio/jackaudio.c
index 3b7c18443d..f417e4db8a 100644
--- a/audio/jackaudio.c
+++ b/audio/jackaudio.c
@@ -369,7 +369,7 @@ static size_t qjack_read(HWVoiceIn *hw, void *buf, size_t 
 static void qjack_client_connect_ports(QJackClient *c)
-    if (!c->connect_ports || !c->opt->connect_ports) {
+   if (!c->connect_ports) {

So, I wonder, what is this c->opt->connect_ports all about, is it needed, or 
wrongly initialized so that it caps the port connection?



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devel-ml, which is subscribed to QEMU.

  jack audio dev produces no sound

Status in QEMU:

Bug description:

  I'm testing the new jack audiodev backend in my
  laptop. The host system is gentoo, using the
  ebuild for qemu 5.1.0-r2, and I'm using jack
  use flag globally in the system so any ebuild
  that have support for jack should be build with
  it. The jack setup reportedly works as I use it
  with firefox, and mumble with no trouble. When
  I launch the following script, I see the vm
  connects to jack:

  /usr/bin/qemu-system-x86_64 -enable-kvm -M q35 -vga virtio -display gtk,gl=on 
          -cpu host -smp 2,cores=2,threads=1 \
          -m 4G -L /usr/share/qemu \
          -global ICH9-LPC.disable_s3=1 -global ICH9-LPC.disable_s4=1 \
file=/usr/share/edk2-ovmf/OVMF_CODE.fd,if=pflash,format=raw,unit=0,readonly=on \
          -drive file=debian_VARS.fd,if=pflash,format=raw,unit=1 \
          -audiodev id=jack,driver=jack -device ich9-intel-hda -device 
hda-duplex,audiodev=jack \
          -device virtio-serial-pci \
          -device virtserialport,chardev=spicechannel0,name=com.redhat.spice.0 \
          -chardev spicevmc,id=spicechannel0,name=vdagent \
          -device nec-usb-xhci,id=usb \
          -device usb-host,vendorid=0x04ca,productid=0x708e \
          -device usb-host,vendorid=0x1050,productid=0x0407 \
          -chardev spicevmc,name=usbredir,id=usbredirchardev1 \
          -device usb-redir,chardev=usbredirchardev1,id=usbredirdev1 \
          -chardev spicevmc,name=usbredir,id=usbredirchardev2 \
          -device usb-redir,chardev=usbredirchardev2,id=usbredirdev2 \
          -chardev spicevmc,name=usbredir,id=usbredirchardev3 \
          -device usb-redir,chardev=usbredirchardev3,id=usbredirdev3 \
          -netdev user,id=user.0 -device virtio-net-pci,netdev=user.0 \
          -drive file=debian.qcow2,cache=none,aio=io_uring,if=virtio

  Output of vm initialization:

  jack: JACK output configured for 48000Hz (1024 samples)
  jack: JACK input configured for 48000Hz (1024 samples)
  gl_version 46 - core profile enabled
  GLSL feature level 430

  Though executing any application that uses sound,
  for instance, any youtube video through browser,
  I listen nothing. By executing pkill jackd, and
  launching the same script replacing the audiodev
  line for the following:

          -audiodev id=alsa,driver=alsa -device ich9-intel-hda -device
  hda-duplex,audiodev=alsa \

  The audio works, and I can listen to music, or
  any other kind of application, though I cannot
  listen anything else in the host.

  The guest is a simple debian testing(bullseye)
  system with plasma desktop, using pulseaudio,
  nothing fancy.



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