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[PATCH 0/4] hexagon: Add Docker image & testing to gitlab-ci

From: Philippe Mathieu-Daudé
Subject: [PATCH 0/4] hexagon: Add Docker image & testing to gitlab-ci
Date: Sun, 28 Feb 2021 23:23:10 +0100


This series is a rework of the 'Add Dockerfile for hexagon' patch
from Alessandro/Brian that Taylor sent in v8:
but adapted to mainstream.

Gitlab shared runner are usually capped to 2/4 cores and timeout
after 2h30 to 3h. We need a beefy custom runner to get the image
built and stored in the registry. For now the image is added in
manual mode, hopping we'll have magic runners added some day to
build the image, then developers can directly pull it from the

Alessandro Di Federico (2):
  docker: Add Hexagon image
  tests/tcg: Use Hexagon Docker image

Philippe Mathieu-Daud=C3=A9 (2):
  gitlab-ci: Pass optional EXTRA_FILES when building docker images
  gitlab-ci: Build Hexagon cross-toolchain

 .gitlab-ci.d/containers.yml                   |  11 ++
 tests/docker/Makefile.include                 |   2 +
 .../dockerfiles/debian-hexagon-cross.docker   |  23 +++
 .../build-toolchain.sh                        | 141 ++++++++++++++++++
 tests/tcg/configure.sh                        |   4 +
 5 files changed, 181 insertions(+)
 create mode 100644 tests/docker/dockerfiles/debian-hexagon-cross.docker
 create mode 100755 tests/docker/dockerfiles/debian-hexagon-cross.docker.d/bu=


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