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Re: [PATCH v2 33/53] acpi: build_tpm_tcpa: use acpi_init_table()/acpi_ta

From: Stefan Berger
Subject: Re: [PATCH v2 33/53] acpi: build_tpm_tcpa: use acpi_init_table()/acpi_table_composed() instead of build_header()
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 2021 08:21:06 -0400
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On 6/30/21 3:25 AM, Igor Mammedov wrote:
it replaces error-prone pointer arithmetic for build_header() API,
with 2 calls to start and finish table creation,
which hides offsets magic from API user.

While at it switch to build_append_int_noprefix() to build
table entries (which also removes some manual offset

Signed-off-by: Igor Mammedov <imammedo@redhat.com>

Tested-by: Stefan Berger <stefanb@linux.ibm.com>

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