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Re: [PATCH v1 00/39] final pre-PR for 6.1 (testing and plugins)

From: Philippe Mathieu-Daudé
Subject: Re: [PATCH v1 00/39] final pre-PR for 6.1 (testing and plugins)
Date: Wed, 7 Jul 2021 10:33:12 +0200
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On 7/6/21 4:57 PM, Alex Bennée wrote:
> Hi,
> This is a roll-up of a number of testing series:
>   - Cleber's ansible playbooks for installing runners
>   - Daniel's Cirrus cleanups
>   - Most of Daniels' docker clean-ups (but without lcitool)
>   - Disable signals test for all arches

Two other candidates:

"tests/migration: fix unix socket migration"

"tests/acceptance: Tag NetBSD tests as 'os:netbsd'"

> I've also included the latest submissions for TCG plugins. One big
> change however is we now enable TCG plugins by default for TCG builds.
> When no plugins are selected on the command line the performance hit
> is so low I couldn't really measure it. I've dropped the previous tags
> though as I needed to re-factor the configure a bit to handle some
> additional corner cases.
> The following still need some review:
>  - contrib/plugins: enable -Wall for building plugins
>  - tcg/plugins: enable by default for TCG builds
>  - configure: stop user enabling plugins on Windows for now
>  - configure: don't allow plugins to be enabled for a non-TCG build
>  - meson.build: move TCG plugin summary output
>  - plugins: fix-up handling of internal hostaddr for 32 bit
>  - tests/tcg: make test-mmap a little less aggressive
>  - tests/tcg: generalise the disabling of the signals test

Sounds like Richard's area but I'll have a look.

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