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Re: [PATCH] tests/acceptance: Add tests for the Pegasos2 machine

From: Stefan Hajnoczi
Subject: Re: [PATCH] tests/acceptance: Add tests for the Pegasos2 machine
Date: Wed, 14 Jul 2021 15:37:27 +0100

On Wed, Jul 14, 2021 at 11:37:54AM +0200, Philippe Mathieu-Daudé wrote:
> On 7/13/21 3:43 AM, Cleber Rosa wrote:
> > +@skipUnless(os.getenv('AVOCADO_ALLOW_UNTRUSTED_CODE'), 'untrusted code')
> > +class PPCPegasos2(Test):
> > +    """These tests require a Pegasos2 ROM.  You need to perform a one
> > +    time manual set up of the ROM, registering it with the Avocado
> > +    assets system.  Please follow the steps bellow from a QEMU build
> > +    directory, replaceing $MY_ROMS_DIR with a suitable directory.
> > +
> > +    1. make check-venv
> > +    2. curl 
> > http://web.archive.org/web/20071021223056/http://www.bplan-gmbh.de/up050404/up050404
> >  -o $MY_ROMS_DIR/up050404
> > +    3. tail -c +85581 /tmp/up050404 | head -c 524288 > 
> > $MY_ROMS_DIR/pegasos2.rom
> Sorry but I am not signing for this patch description. I don't think
> the project should link non-free software like this; which is why I
> only listed the recipe link in the commit description. Maybe we can
> simply add this link here again.
> Stefan do you know what is recommended?

I think that it's okay to include instructions for manually adding
non-free software, but I'm not a lawyer.

I don't know what the origin of this up050404 file is and under what
license it is available. Could you add that information so users can
make their own decision on whether or not to manually install it?


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