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Re: QEMU System and User targets

From: Peter Maydell
Subject: Re: QEMU System and User targets
Date: Sat, 17 Jul 2021 11:04:24 +0100

On Fri, 16 Jul 2021 at 21:06, Kenneth Adam Miller
<kennethadammiller@gmail.com> wrote:
> After checking around, I don't see any <target>_user_ss in any target 
> directory. And I only see *_user_ss in the linux-user subdirectory. Were you 
> talking about that meson.build in linux-user?

$ git grep _user_ss target
target/i386/meson.build:i386_user_ss = ss.source_set()
target/i386/meson.build:target_user_arch += {'i386': i386_user_ss}
target/i386/tcg/user/meson.build:i386_user_ss.add(when: ['CONFIG_TCG',
'CONFIG_USER_ONLY'], if_true: files(
target/mips/meson.build:mips_user_ss = ss.source_set()
target/mips/meson.build:target_user_arch += {'mips': mips_user_ss}
target/s390x/meson.build:s390x_user_ss = ss.source_set()
target/s390x/meson.build:target_user_arch += {'s390x': s390x_user_ss}

i386, mips and s390 all have a foo_user_ss sourceset defined in
their target/foo/meson.build files.

You don't need to use the *_user_ss sourceset if you don't have
any files which should only be compiled for the user emulator,
which is why most of the targets don't use it. Having files
to be compiled only for softmmu is much more common.

-- PMM

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