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[PATCH 13/13] docs/deprecated: deprecate passing plugin args through `ar

From: Mahmoud Mandour
Subject: [PATCH 13/13] docs/deprecated: deprecate passing plugin args through `arg=`
Date: Sat, 17 Jul 2021 12:09:20 +0200

Signed-off-by: Mahmoud Mandour <ma.mandourr@gmail.com>
 docs/system/deprecated.rst | 6 ++++++
 1 file changed, 6 insertions(+)

diff --git a/docs/system/deprecated.rst b/docs/system/deprecated.rst
index e2e0090878..aaf0ee5777 100644
--- a/docs/system/deprecated.rst
+++ b/docs/system/deprecated.rst
@@ -126,6 +126,12 @@ other options have been processed.  This will either have 
no effect (if
 if they were not given.  The property is therefore useless and should not be
+Plugin argument passing through ``arg=<string>`` (since 6.1)
+Passing arguments through ``arg=`` is redundant is makes the command-line less
+readable, especially when the argument itself consist of a name and a value,
+e.g. ``arg="arg_name=arg_value"``. Therefore, the usage of ``arg`` is 
 QEMU Machine Protocol (QMP) commands

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