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Re: [PATCH] hw/intc/arm_gic: Fix set/clear pending of PPI/SPI

From: Sebastian Huber
Subject: Re: [PATCH] hw/intc/arm_gic: Fix set/clear pending of PPI/SPI
Date: Mon, 26 Jul 2021 10:04:41 +0200
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Hello Luc,

thanks for having a look at the patch.

On 25/07/2021 10:08, Luc Michel wrote:
Hi Sebastian,

On 11:49 Fri 09 Jul     , Sebastian Huber wrote:
According to the GICv3 specification register GICD_ISPENDR0 is Banked for each
You're referring to GICv3 but actually modifying GICv2 model. Having a
look at GICv2 reference manual, your affirmation still hold though.

connected PE with GICR_TYPER.Processor_Number < 8.  For Qemu this is the case
since GIC_NCPU == 8.
This is GICv3 specific. For GICv2 the architectural limit is 8 CPUs.

The wording in the GICv2 manual is:

"In a multiprocessor implementation, GICD_ISPENDR0 is banked for each connected processor. This register holds the Set-pending bits for interrupts 0-31."

For SPI, make the interrupt pending on all CPUs and not just the processor
targets of the interrupt.
So you're not referring to GICD_ISPENDR0 anymore right? SPIs starts at
IRQ number 32.  GICD_ISPENDR0 is for IRQs 0 to 31, which are SGIs and
PPIs (This is why this reg is banked, meaning that a CPU can only
trigger a PPI of its own). Maybe make it clear in your commit message
that you are now talking about GICD_ISPENDRn with n > 0

Moreover your statement regarding SPIs seems weird to me. Setting an
SPI pending (in GICD_ISPENDRn with n > 0) should really be like having
it being triggered from the IRQ line. It makes it pending in the
distributor. The distributor then forward it as normal. Why the
GICD_ITARGETSRn configuration should be ignored in this case? At least I
can't find any reference to such a behaviour in the reference manual.

Ok, I will remove this part from the patch in v2. I probably didn't fully understand how the Qemu GICv2 emulation works. What I wanted to address is this behaviour (see GICv2 manual) when someone changes the GICD_ITARGETSR<n> (n > 1):

"Has an effect on any pending interrupts. This means:

* adding a CPU interface to the target list of a pending interrupt makes that interrupt pending on that CPU interface

* removing a CPU interface from the target list of a pending interrupt removes the pending state of that interrupt on that CPU interface.


There is a small but finite time required for any change to take effect."

The set/clear active bit uses ALL_CPU_MASK for example.

This behaviour is at least present on the i.MX7D which uses an Cortex-A7MPCore.
Which has a GICv2, not a v3 right?

Yes, the Cortex-A7MPCore uses a GICv2:


Signed-off-by: Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber@embedded-brains.de>
  hw/intc/arm_gic.c | 11 ++++++-----
  1 file changed, 6 insertions(+), 5 deletions(-)

diff --git a/hw/intc/arm_gic.c b/hw/intc/arm_gic.c
index a994b1f024..8e377bac59 100644
--- a/hw/intc/arm_gic.c
+++ b/hw/intc/arm_gic.c
@@ -1294,12 +1294,14 @@ static void gic_dist_writeb(void *opaque, hwaddr offset,
for (i = 0; i < 8; i++) {
              if (value & (1 << i)) {
+                int cm = (irq < GIC_INTERNAL) ? (1 << cpu) : ALL_CPU_MASK;
Indeed, I think the current implementation for PPIs is wrong
(GIC_DIST_TARGET(irq + i) is probably 0 in this case, so a set pending
request for a PPI will get incorrectly ignored). So I agree with the irq <
GIC_INTERNAL case. But for SPIs my concerns still hold (see my comment
in the commit message).

                  if (s->security_extn && !attrs.secure &&
                      !GIC_DIST_TEST_GROUP(irq + i, 1 << cpu)) {
                      continue; /* Ignore Non-secure access of Group0 IRQ */
+                GIC_DIST_SET_PENDING(irq + i, cm);
      } else if (offset < 0x300) {
@@ -1317,11 +1319,10 @@ static void gic_dist_writeb(void *opaque, hwaddr offset,
                  continue; /* Ignore Non-secure access of Group0 IRQ */
- /* ??? This currently clears the pending bit for all CPUs, even
-               for per-CPU interrupts.  It's unclear whether this is the
-               corect behavior.  */
              if (value & (1 << i)) {
-                GIC_DIST_CLEAR_PENDING(irq + i, ALL_CPU_MASK);
+                int cm = (irq < GIC_INTERNAL) ? (1 << cpu) : ALL_CPU_MASK;
+                GIC_DIST_CLEAR_PENDING(irq + i, cm);
I agree with this change too, but you are modifying the GICD_ICPENDRn
register behaviour without mentioning it in the commit message.


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