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[ANNOUNCE] QEMU 6.1.0-rc1 is now available

From: Michael Roth
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] QEMU 6.1.0-rc1 is now available
Date: Tue, 27 Jul 2021 18:12:00 -0500
User-agent: alot/0.9


On behalf of the QEMU Team, I'd like to announce the availability of the
second release candidate for the QEMU 6.1 release.  This release is meant
for testing purposes and should not be used in a production environment.


You can help improve the quality of the QEMU 6.1 release by testing this
release and reporting bugs on Launchpad:


The release plan, as well a documented known issues for release
candidates, are available at:


Please add entries to the ChangeLog for the 6.1 release below:


Thank you to everyone involved!

Changes since rc0:

f2da205cb4: Update version for v6.1.0-rc1 release (Peter Maydell)
e229a179a5: hw: aspeed_gpio: Fix memory size (Joel Stanley)
b1c2a6bd3d: hw/arm/nseries: Display hexadecimal value with '0x' prefix 
(Philippe Mathieu-Daudé)
b3d52804c5: target/arm: Add sve-default-vector-length cpu property (Richard 
ce440581c1: target/arm: Export aarch64_sve_zcr_get_valid_len (Richard Henderson)
dc0bc8e785: target/arm: Correctly bound length in sve_zcr_get_valid_len 
(Richard Henderson)
a476b21672: docs: Update path that mentions deprecated.rst (Mao Zhongyi)
845d27a913: hw/intc/armv7m_nvic: for v8.1M VECTPENDING hides S exceptions from 
NS (Peter Maydell)
7caad65756: hw/intc/armv7m_nvic: Correct size of ICSR.VECTPENDING (Peter 
41487794f5: hw/intc/armv7m_nvic: ISCR.ISRPENDING is set for non-enabled pending 
interrupts (Peter Maydell)
d4f6883912: target/arm: Report M-profile alignment faults correctly to the 
guest (Peter Maydell)
0c317eb3dd: target/arm: Add missing 'return's after calling 
v7m_exception_taken() (Peter Maydell)
888f470f12: target/arm: Enforce that M-profile SP low 2 bits are always zero 
(Peter Maydell)
953558291e: qemu-options.hx: Fix formatting of -machine memory-backend option 
(Peter Maydell)
1b41847afb: hw/arm/smmuv3: Check 31st bit to see if CD is valid (Joe Komlodi)
9631a8ab21: tests/qtest/nvme-test: add mmio read test (Klaus Jensen)
49e03457f1: hw/nvme: fix mmio read (Klaus Jensen)
5029de44b5: hw/nvme: fix out-of-bounds reads (Klaus Jensen)
a316aa50e6: hw/nvme: use symbolic names for registers (Klaus Jensen)
5d45edbeac: hw/nvme: split pmrmsc register into upper and lower (Klaus Jensen)
5ffbaeed16: hw/nvme: fix controller hot unplugging (Klaus Jensen)
51e90178f7: tests/qtest/nvme-test: add persistent memory region test (Gollu 
234214734f: hw/nvme: error handling for too many mappings (Padmakar Kalghatgi)
b0fde9e861: hw/nvme: unregister controller with subsystem at exit (Klaus Jensen)
cc6fb6bc50: hw/nvme: mark nvme-subsys non-hotpluggable (Klaus Jensen)
5e4f6bcc29: hw/nvme: remove NvmeCtrl parameter from ns setup/check functions 
(Klaus Jensen)
2bf07e788e: tests/unit: Remove unused variable from test_io (Richard Henderson)
211364c21e: linux-user/syscall: Remove unused variable from execve (Richard 
984178d86b: hw/pci-hist/pnv_phb4: Fix typo in pnv_phb4_ioda_write (Richard 
2d758274ee: hw/ppc/spapr_events: Remove unused variable from check_exception 
(Richard Henderson)
79fe9e4313: hw/audio/adlib: Remove unused variable in adlib_callback (Richard 
fe4bd9170c: net/checksum: Remove unused variable in net_checksum_add_iov 
(Richard Henderson)
53645dc4cb: util/selfmap: Discard mapping on error (Richard Henderson)
2521c775bd: accel/tcg: Remove unused variable in cpu_exec (Richard Henderson)
cd1675f8d7: nbd/server: Mark variable unused in nbd_negotiate_meta_queries 
(Richard Henderson)
2f0e10a486: bitops.h: revert db1ffc32dd ("qemu/bitops.h: add bitrev8 
implementation") (Mark Cave-Ayland)
c8cf47a946: accel/tcg: Remove unnecessary check on icount_extra in 
cpu_loop_exec_tb() (Peter Maydell)
df3a2de51a: accel/tcg: Don't use CF_COUNT_MASK as the max value of 
icount_decr.u16.low (Peter Maydell)
3143577d6a: migration: clear the memory region dirty bitmap when skipping free 
pages (Wei Wang)
39675ffffb: migration: Move the yank unregister of channel_close out (Peter Xu)
c6ad5be7ae: migration: Teach QEMUFile to be QIOChannel-aware (Peter Xu)
18711405b5: migration: Introduce migration_ioc_[un]register_yank() (Peter Xu)
43044ac0ee: migration: Make from_dst_file accesses thread-safe (Peter Xu)
53021ea165: migration: Fix missing join() of rp_thread (Peter Xu)
5e32ffd346: tests/qtest/migration-test.c: use instead of 0 (Dr. David 
Alan Gilbert)
15a730e7a3: block/nvme: Fix VFIO_MAP_DMA failed: No space left on device 
(Philippe Mathieu-Daudé)
584af1f1d9: ui/gtk: add a keyboard fifo to the VTE consoles (Volker Rümelin)
d4a1210480: ui: update keycodemapdb submodule commit (Akihiko Odaki)
40a9aadbc9: ui/cocoa: Fix the type of main's argv (Akihiko Odaki)
074c0653c2: ui/egl-headless: Remove a check for CONFIG_OPENGL (Akihiko Odaki)
9a6c69d389: ui/spice: Use HAVE_SPICE_GL for OpenGL checks (Akihiko Odaki)
cd6c768f6a: ui/gtk: Fix relative mouse with multiple monitors (Dennis Wölfing)
0a9487d80a: gitlab-ci: Extract OpenSBI job rules to reusable section (Philippe 
e90c3c3c87: gitlab-ci: Remove the second superfluous macos task (Thomas Huth)
39ce923732: gitlab: enable a very minimal build with the tricore container 
(Alex Bennée)
c56f1ee668: tests/tcg/configure.sh: add handling for assembler only builds 
(Alex Bennée)
2da42253ef: plugins: Fix physical address calculation for IO regions (Aaron 
c2888a679d: plugins/cache: Fixed "function decl. is not a prototype" warnings 
(Mahmoud Mandour)
072c444b0d: plugins/cache: limited the scope of a mutex lock (Mahmoud Mandour)
de9fc40f36: plugins/cache: Fixed a bug with destroying FIFO metadata (Mahmoud 
f7e68c9c99: tcg/plugins: implement a qemu_plugin_user_exit helper (Alex Bennée)
094d278547: contrib/gitdm: add more individual contributor entries. (Alex 
a10f373de4: contrib/gitdm: add a new interns group-map for GSoC/Outreachy work 
(Alex Bennée)
a7659cd675: contrib/gitdm: add an explicit academic entry for BU (Alex Bennée)
e061e481a6: contrib/gitdm: add group-map for Netflix (Alex Bennée)
efe2165a0f: contrib/gitdm: add domain-map for NVIDIA (Alex Bennée)
3d4fcf4200: contrib/gitdm: add domain-map for Crudebyte (Alex Bennée)
a8d1095a10: contrib/gitdm: un-ironically add a mapping for LWN (Alex Bennée)
0e7933e314: contrib/gitdm: add domain-map/group-map for Wind River (Alex Bennée)
061a20d50a: contrib/gitdm: add domain-map for Eldorado (Alex Bennée)
44114d3fda: contrib/gitdm: add domain-map/group-map mappings for Samsung (Alex 
20ddc8ce99: gitdm.config: sort the corporate GroupMap entries (Alex Bennée)
200a10279e: contrib/gitdm: add a group mapping for robot scanners (Alex Bennée)
0204e6482b: contrib/gitdm: add domain-map for MontaVista (Alex Bennée)
82585a3100: .mailmap: fix up some broken commit authors (Alex Bennée)
fa3d60953c: contrib/gitdm: add some new aliases to fix up commits (Alex Bennée)
11bdcfcdd2: configure: remove needless if leg (Alex Bennée)
15d9c3cef1: docs: add a section on the generalities of vhost-user (Alex Bennée)
189c099f75: docs: collect the disparate device emulation docs into one section 
(Alex Bennée)
6e52aafbac: gitignore: Update with some filetypes (Viresh Kumar)
cbc94d9702: qom: use correct field name when getting/setting alias properties 
(Paolo Bonzini)
18fa3ebc45: qapi: introduce forwarding visitor (Paolo Bonzini)
eafadbbbac: gitlab: only let pages be published from default branch (Daniel P. 
9f04dd7f5a: MAINTAINERS: Add memory_mapping.h and memory_mapping.c to "Memory 
API" (David Hildenbrand)
07b315ba92: MAINTAINERS: Add Peter Xu and myself as co-maintainer of "Memory 
API" (David Hildenbrand)
4ade3ea145: MAINTAINERS: Replace Eduardo as "Host Memory Backends" maintainer 
(David Hildenbrand)
5b8978d804: i386: do not call cpudef-only models functions for max, host, base 
(Claudio Fontana)
3407259b20: target/i386: Added consistency checks for CR3 (Lara Lazier)
917ddc27d8: meson: fix dependencies for modinfo #2 (Gerd Hoffmann)
8a13b9bc0f: hw/display: fix virgl reset regression (Marc-André Lureau)
f29d52611c: vl: add virtio-vga-gl to the default_list (Marc-André Lureau)
02f9725f3d: hw/display: fail early when multiple virgl devices are requested 
(Marc-André Lureau)
dcc5fc2a3a: Revert "qxl: add migration blocker to avoid pre-save assert" (Gerd 
39b8a183e2: qxl: remove assert in qxl_pre_save. (Gerd Hoffmann)
0848f8aca6: configure: Let --without-default-features disable vhost-kernel and 
vhost-vdpa (Thomas Huth)
bcf0a7dabd: configure: Fix the default setting of the "xen" feature (Thomas 
3a6a1256d4: configure: Allow vnc to get disabled with 
--without-default-features (Thomas Huth)
332008e0b9: configure: Fix --without-default-features propagation to meson 
(Thomas Huth)
ac34711171: meson: fix dependencies for modinfo (Paolo Bonzini)
c10852afb6: configure: Drop obsolete check for the alloc_size attribute (Thomas 
d499f196fe: target/i386: Added consistency checks for EFER (Lara Lazier)
213ff024a2: target/i386: Added consistency checks for CR4 (Lara Lazier)
b128b25a5a: target/i386: Added V_INTR_PRIO check to virtual interrupts (Lara 
40e07370f2: qemu-config: restore "machine" in qmp_query_command_line_options() 
(Stefan Hajnoczi)
670b359193: usb: fix usb-host dependency check (Gerd Hoffmann)
f288d9932c: chardev-spice: add missing module_obj directive (Paolo Bonzini)
dc2deaba48: hw/display/virtio-gpu: Fix memory leak (CID 1453811) (Philippe 
25fc9b79cd: target/hexagon: Drop include of qemu.h (Peter Maydell)
4699a92779: Hexagon (target/hexagon) remove put_user_*/get_user_* (Taylor 
955171e441: qemu-img: Add --skip-broken-bitmaps for 'convert --bitmaps' (Eric 
74a4320f30: qemu-img: Fail fast on convert --bitmaps with inconsistent bitmap 
(Eric Blake)
94075c28ee: iotests: Improve and rename test 291 to qemu-img-bitmap (Eric Blake)
c2ffd7549b: accel/tcg: Record singlestep_enabled in tb->cflags (Richard 
d40c5c7976: accel/tcg: Hoist tb_cflags to a local in translator_loop (Richard 
b5cf742841: accel/tcg: Remove TranslatorOps.breakpoint_check (Richard Henderson)
10c37828b2: accel/tcg: Move breakpoint recognition outside translation (Richard 
11c1d5f8ca: accel/tcg: Merge tb_find into its only caller (Richard Henderson)
e64cb6c231: target/avr: Implement gdb_adjust_breakpoint (Richard Henderson)
5bc31e9440: hw/core: Introduce CPUClass.gdb_adjust_breakpoint (Richard 
7b9810ea42: target/i386: Implement debug_check_breakpoint (Richard Henderson)
b00d86bc8b: target/arm: Implement debug_check_breakpoint (Richard Henderson)
e3f7c801f1: hw/core: Introduce TCGCPUOps.debug_check_breakpoint (Richard 
258afb487f: accel/tcg: Use CF_NO_GOTO_{TB, PTR} in cpu_exec_step_atomic 
(Richard Henderson)
04f5b647ed: accel/tcg: Handle -singlestep in curr_cflags (Richard Henderson)
fb95701132: accel/tcg: Drop CF_NO_GOTO_PTR from -d nochain (Richard Henderson)
84f1561629: accel/tcg: Add CF_NO_GOTO_TB and CF_NO_GOTO_PTR (Richard Henderson)
288a5fe980: target/alpha: Drop goto_tb path in gen_call_pal (Richard Henderson)
043e35d98c: accel/tcg: Move curr_cflags into cpu-exec.c (Richard Henderson)
78ff82bb1b: accel/tcg: Reduce CF_COUNT_MASK to match TCG_MAX_INSNS (Richard 
f3e182b100: accel/tcg: Push trace info building into atomic_common.c.inc 
(Richard Henderson)
785ea711b1: trace: Fold mem-internal.h into mem.h (Richard Henderson)
a754f7f34e: accel/tcg: Expand ATOMIC_MMU_LOOKUP_* (Richard Henderson)
fcff001441: accel/tcg: Remove ATOMIC_MMU_DECLS (Richard Henderson)
48688fafeb: accel/tcg: Fold EXTRA_ARGS into atomic_template.h (Richard 
e28a866438: accel/tcg: Standardize atomic helpers on softmmu api (Richard 
be9568b4e0: tcg: Rename helper_atomic_*_mmu and provide for user-only (Richard 
9ef0c6d6a7: qemu/atomic: Add aligned_{int64,uint64}_t types (Richard Henderson)
47345e7124: qemu/atomic: Remove pre-C11 atomic fallbacks (Richard Henderson)
952fd6710e: qemu/atomic: Use macros for CONFIG_ATOMIC64 (Richard Henderson)
dadafe6785: vl: Parse legacy default_machine_opts (Jason Andryuk)
461fea9bf1: qemu-config: fix memory leak on ferror() (Paolo Bonzini)
e72f9524fe: qemu-config: never call the callback after an error, fix leak 
(Paolo Bonzini)

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