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QEMU on x64

From: Christopher Caulfield
Subject: QEMU on x64
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 2021 10:36:01 -0700

Hi QEMU community,

This is Christopher from the debugging experiences team at Microsoft focused on kernel debugging. I am reaching out with a few questions about QEMU on x64.

  1. Is it possible for the QEMU-x86-64 GDB Server to send the full set of x64 system registers (whether they are included in a separated system xml file or as part of the core registers xml file)?
    • e.g. System registers missing from i386-64bit.xml file

      DWORD64 IDTBase;
      DWORD64 IDTLimit;
      DWORD64 GDTBase;
      DWORD64 GDTLimit;
      DWORD SelLDT;
      DWORD SelTSS;
  2. How can I access x64 MSR registers by using the QEMU-x86-64 GDB server?
    • #define MSR_EFER 0xc0000080 // extended function enable register
      #define MSR_STAR 0xc0000081 // system call selectors
      #define MSR_LSTAR 0xc0000082 // system call 64-bit entry
      #define MSR_CSTAR 0xc0000083 // system call 32-bit entry
  3. Going off of #2 - can you access it via reading GDB memory command? if not - is there any plan to support reading/writing to MSRs via QEMU-x86-64 GDB server?

Thank you for taking time to answer our questions! :)

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