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Re: [PATCH] meson: remove unnecessary coreaudio test program

From: Thomas Huth
Subject: Re: [PATCH] meson: remove unnecessary coreaudio test program
Date: Tue, 2 Nov 2021 13:37:53 +0100
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On 02/11/2021 12.30, Paolo Bonzini wrote:
AudioGetCurrentHostTime has been present forever, so the test is not
enforcing a specific version of macOS.  In fact the test was broken
since it was not linking against the coreaudio dependency; just remove it.

Fixes: 87430d5b13 ("configure, meson: move audio driver detection to Meson", 
Reported-by: Peter Maydell <peter.maydell@linaro.org>
Signed-off-by: Paolo Bonzini <pbonzini@redhat.com>
  meson.build | 16 ----------------
  1 file changed, 16 deletions(-)

diff --git a/meson.build b/meson.build
index 3dadb245a8..d800b9c5fb 100644
--- a/meson.build
+++ b/meson.build
@@ -944,22 +944,6 @@ coreaudio = not_found
  if not get_option('coreaudio').auto() or (targetos == 'darwin' and 
    coreaudio = dependency('appleframeworks', modules: 'CoreAudio',
                           required: get_option('coreaudio'))
-  if coreaudio.found() and not cc.links('''
-    #include <CoreAudio/CoreAudio.h>
-    int main(void)
-    {
-      return (int)AudioGetCurrentHostTime();
-    }''')
-    coreaudio = not_found
-  endif
-  if not coreaudio.found()
-    if get_option('coreaudio').enabled()
-      error('CoreAudio not found')
-    else
-      warning('CoreAudio not found, disabling')
-    endif
-  endif
opengl = not_found

Reviewed-by: Thomas Huth <thuth@redhat.com>

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