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Re: [RFC 1/6] target/riscv: rvk: add flag support for Zbk[bcx]

From: liweiwei
Subject: Re: [RFC 1/6] target/riscv: rvk: add flag support for Zbk[bcx]
Date: Tue, 2 Nov 2021 23:00:52 +0800
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在 2021/11/2 下午10:18, Richard Henderson 写道:
On 11/1/21 11:11 PM, liweiwei wrote:
+++ b/target/riscv/cpu.c
@@ -472,15 +472,15 @@ static void riscv_cpu_realize(DeviceState *dev, Error **errp)
                         "I and E extensions are incompatible");
-       }
+        }
            if (!cpu->cfg.ext_i && !cpu->cfg.ext_e) {
                         "Either I or E extension must be set");
-       }
+        }
  -       if (cpu->cfg.ext_g && !(cpu->cfg.ext_i & cpu->cfg.ext_m &
+        if (cpu->cfg.ext_g && !(cpu->cfg.ext_i & cpu->cfg.ext_m &
                                 cpu->cfg.ext_a & cpu->cfg.ext_f &
                                 cpu->cfg.ext_d)) {
              warn_report("Setting G will also set IMAFD");

This re-indentation should not be happening.

Thanks for your comments. I'll restore them later. By the way, the reason I changed these is that they don't align with other code.
+    DEFINE_PROP_BOOL("x-zbkb", RISCVCPU, cfg.ext_zbkb, false),
+    DEFINE_PROP_BOOL("x-zbkc", RISCVCPU, cfg.ext_zbkc, false),
+    DEFINE_PROP_BOOL("x-zbkx", RISCVCPU, cfg.ext_zbkx, false),

The properties cannot be exposed until the end.

Ok. I'll move these to the end of the patchset.
         bool ext_zbb;
         bool ext_zbc;
         bool ext_zbs;
+        bool ext_zbkb;
+        bool ext_zbkc;
+        bool ext_zbkx;

Better to keep them alphabetical: zbk* < zbs.

Ok. I'll move them before zbs.


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