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[ANNOUNCE] QEMU 6.2.0-rc2 is now available

From: Michael Roth
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] QEMU 6.2.0-rc2 is now available
Date: Wed, 24 Nov 2021 12:26:51 -0600
User-agent: alot/0.9


On behalf of the QEMU Team, I'd like to announce the availability of the
third release candidate for the QEMU 6.2 release. This release is meant
for testing purposes and should not be used in a production environment.


You can help improve the quality of the QEMU 6.2 release by testing this
release and reporting bugs using our GitLab issue tracker:


The release plan, as well a documented known issues for release
candidates, are available at:


Please add entries to the ChangeLog for the 6.2 release below:


Thank you to everyone involved!

Changes since rc1:

14d02cfbe4: Update version for v6.2.0-rc2 release (Richard Henderson)
4dd218fd07: iotests/149: Skip on unsupported ciphers (Hanna Reitz)
cb5a24d7f6: iotests: Use aes-128-cbc (Hanna Reitz)
22c36b75c8: block/vvfat.c fix leak when failure occurs (Daniella Lee)
0763788868: linux-user/signal.c: Create a common rewind_if_in_safe_syscall 
(Warner Losh)
c6cda6a44a: linux-user: Add host_signal_set_pc to set pc in mcontext (Warner 
a57cb3e23d: python/aqmp: fix send_fd_scm for python 3.6.x (John Snow)
206439cd89: scripts/device-crash-test: Use a QMP timeout (John Snow)
1611e6cf4e: python/machine: handle "fast" QEMU terminations (John Snow)
b1ca991993: python/machine: move more variable initializations to _pre_launch 
(John Snow)
72b17fe715: python/machine: add instance disambiguator to default nickname 
(John Snow)
6eeb3de7e1: python/machine: remove _remove_monitor_sockfile property (John Snow)
87bf1fe5cb: python/machine: add @sock_dir property (John Snow)
33a0c404fb: hw/intc/arm_gicv3_its: Revert version increments in vmstate_its 
(Eric Auger)
c5ba621954: docs: Render binary names as monospaced text (Philippe 
eff708a876: docs: Use double quotes instead of single quotes for COLO (Rao, Lei)
8f75cae2dd: docs: Drop deprecated 'props' from object-add (Rao, Lei)
b980c1aec6: Fix some typos in documentation (found by codespell) (Stefan Weil)
93e86b1664: docs: List more commit-message tags in "submitting-a-patch" 
(Kashyap Chamarthy)
cd6b1674d6: docs: Fix botched rST conversion of 'submitting-a-patch.rst' 
(Kashyap Chamarthy)
4825eaae4f: Revert "arm: tcg: Adhere to SMCCC 1.3 section 5.2" (Peter Maydell)
e35574226a: nbd/server: Simplify zero and trim (Eric Blake)
1644cccea5: nbd/server: Don't complain on certain client disconnects (Eric 
b9e5628ca5: microvm: check g_file_set_contents() return value (Gerd Hoffmann)
1b38ccc9a1: microvm: add missing g_free() call (Gerd Hoffmann)
d612405ed2: hw/i386/microvm: Reduce annoying debug message in 
dt_setup_microvm() (Philippe Mathieu-Daudé)
4067691a2f: migration: fix dump-vmstate with modules (Laurent Vivier)
2e572baf65: ui/vnc-clipboard: fix adding notifier twice (Vladimir 
c3abdb2faf: ui/gtk: graphic_hw_gl_flushed after closing dmabuf->fence_fd 
(Dongwon Kim)
f14aab420c: ui: fix incorrect pointer position on highdpi with gtk (Alexander 
4323118cad: ui: fix incorrect scaling on highdpi with gtk/opengl (Alexander 
802ae45e94: linux-user: fix Coverity CID 1464101 (Laurent Vivier)
526e744302: hw/misc/sifive_u_otp: Do not reset OTP content on hardware reset 
(Philippe Mathieu-Daudé)
6b717a8d44: hw/misc/sifive_u_otp: Use IF_PFLASH for the OTP device instead of 
IF_NONE (Thomas Huth)
aee14c77f4: linux-user: Rewrite do_getdents, do_getdents64 (Richard Henderson)
1962cb0029: linux-user: Fix member types of target_dirent64 (Richard Henderson)
540a736f54: linux-user: Always use flexible arrays for dirent d_name (Richard 
fd08ddb9cb: linux-user: Split out do_getdents, do_getdents64 (Richard Henderson)
319e89cdc3: escc: update the R_SPEC register SPEC_ALLSENT bit when writing to 
W_TXCTRL1 (Mark Cave-Ayland)
c29cd47e82: escc: always set STATUS_TXEMPTY in R_STATUS on device reset (Mark 
fdc6e16818: chardev/wctable: don't free the instance in wctablet_chr_finalize 
(Daniil Tatianin)
fbab8cc24d: meson.build: Support ncurses on MacOS and OpenBSD (Stefan Weil)
5135fe7110: docs: Spell QEMU all caps (Philippe Mathieu-Daudé)
283191640c: qtest/am53c974-test: add test for reset before transfer (Mark 
3f26c97577: esp: ensure that async_len is reset to 0 during esp_hard_reset() 
(Mark Cave-Ayland)
0cc4965049: nvmm: Fix support for stable version (nia)
e2c57529c9: hw/nvme: fix buffer overrun in nvme_changed_nslist (CVE-2021-3947) 
(Klaus Jensen)
916b0f0b52: hw/nvme: change nvme-ns 'shared' default (Klaus Jensen)
9fc6e86e8b: hw/nvme: reattach subsystem namespaces on hotplug (Hannes Reinecke)
0656fbc7dd: net/colo-compare.c: Fix incorrect return when input wrong size 
(Zhang Chen)
fb5eca4a57: net/colo-compare.c: Fix ACK track reverse issue (Zhang Chen)
d05dcd94ae: net: vmxnet3: validate configuration values during activate 
(CVE-2021-20203) (Prasad J Pandit)
58603ba268: target/i386/sev: Replace qemu_map_ram_ptr with address_space_map 
(Dov Murik)
ddcc0d898e: target/i386/sev: Perform padding calculations at compile-time (Dov 
a0190bf150: target/i386/sev: Fail when invalid hashes table area detected (Dov 
5a0294a21c: target/i386/sev: Rephrase error message when no hashes table in 
guest firmware (Dov Murik)
9dbe0c93f0: target/i386/sev: Add kernel hashes only if 
sev-guest.kernel-hashes=on (Dov Murik)
55cdf56641: qapi/qom,target/i386: sev-guest: Introduce kernel-hashes=on|off 
option (Dov Murik)
f3bc3a73c9: vfio: Fix memory leak of hostwin (Peng Liang)
a443d55c3f: tests/tcg/ppc64le: Fix compile flags for byte_reverse (Richard 
14554b3dcc: pmu: fix pmu vmstate subsection list (Laurent Vivier)
d06f3bf922: gitlab-ci/cirrus: Increase timeout to 80 minutes (Thomas Huth)
418ce0201f: Revert "device-crash-test: Ignore errors about a bus not being 
available" (Thomas Huth)
c94c239496: meson.build: Merge riscv32 and riscv64 cpu family (Richard 
edcc4e4090: target/riscv: machine: Sort the .subsections (Bin Meng)
9f73de8df0: docs: rSTify the "SubmitAPatch" wiki (Kashyap Chamarthy)
0ff0dcf6b5: docs: rSTify the "SubmitAPullRequest" wiki (Kashyap Chamarthy)
0c8c45140c: docs: rSTify the "TrivialPatches" wiki (Kashyap Chamarthy)
fe644e8ebb: target/s390x/cpu.h: Remove unused SIGP_MODE defines (Thomas Huth)
c398a241ec: scripts/device-crash-test: hide tracebacks for QMP connect errors 
(John Snow)
76f86e78b2: scripts/device-crash-test: don't emit AQMP connection errors to 
stdout (John Snow)
47b43acd57: scripts/device-crash-test: simplify Exception handling (John Snow)
25de7f5012: python/aqmp: fix ConnectError string method (John Snow)
f26bd6ff21: python/aqmp: Fix disconnect during capabilities negotiation (John 
6a23f8190f: meson: fix botched compile check conversions (Paolo Bonzini)

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