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[Qemu-discuss] audio capture doesnt work, on top of qemu-kvm.

From: Sudharshan Krishnakumar
Subject: [Qemu-discuss] audio capture doesnt work, on top of qemu-kvm.
Date: Thu, 27 Aug 2015 19:41:44 -0700

Hi All,

I have audio playback working in guest VM running ubuntu 14.04, on top of qemu(with kvm enabled), but audio capture is NOT working.

The host system is also ubuntu 14.04.

I have a headset that has two audio pins, one goes into the green jack(for audio playback output), and one gets inserted into the pink circular jack(for
audio capture input) in my desktop system.

Using qemu 2.3.0 and launching ubuntu 14.04 guest VM using virt-manager.

As part of virt-manager settings for ubuntu 14.04 guest VM, here below are the relevant settings:
Display: Spice.
Sound: ich6
Video: QXL

After I launch the guest VM running ubuntu, when I go to Sound Settings:
Under Output tab:
I see Analog Output (Built-in Audio),
and when I click on Test Sound, playback works fine.

Under Input tab:
I see Line In(Built-in Audio) (although on my actual ubuntu host, under this tab, I see Microphone).

Can someone let me know, if anyone has audio input working ie audio capture working with qemu-kvm setup.

Upon googling, I came across this thread, that talks about someone trying to enable a hack in qemu, to expose the audio device as microphone, instead of line-in.

Not sure, if above hack or any change has gone into qemu to enable audio capture to work through a microphone.

Would appreciate any suggestions regarding this issue.



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