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[Qemu-discuss] libvirt/virt manager: vm create -> host crash

From: Alexander Petrenz
Subject: [Qemu-discuss] libvirt/virt manager: vm create -> host crash
Date: Tue, 26 Apr 2016 08:54:04 +0200


I would like to understand why creating a vm via libvirt crashes my host machine. I´m configuring the new VM (e.g. in virt manager) and at the end of the dialog I cannot directly just save it, but I need to boot it for starting the installation.
At this point the host gradually[1] crashes. I already did some investigation on this and one thing I realized was that libvirt needs some firewall backend present. I don´t have any firewall configured, but I don´t know if that is the reason.
Furthermore for performance reason I´m using hugepages for the VMs. The host has 16gb memory and 8gb are reserved by hugepages, which leaves another 8gb for the host. Could it be that when I configure a VM with 8gb that it trys to allocate the 8gb and this crashes the host? As far as I know, I cannot configure the the VM to use hugepages via the virt manager gui, so I would have to do that later via virsh. Besides I´m not using any swap partition.

So what could cause those host crashes? Is it all because of the memory issue, or could the firewall issue also be the root cause?

Thanks in advance

[1]: It doesn´t freeze instantly; I can move the windows, but performing any actions shows that nothing can be done and eventually I need to restart it by force.

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