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Re: Qemu-kvm KDE VM steels my mouse

From: ToddAndMargo
Subject: Re: Qemu-kvm KDE VM steels my mouse
Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2021 05:04:09 -0700
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On 7/12/21 4:45 AM, ToddAndMargo wrote:
On 7/12/21 4:25 AM, ToddAndMargo wrote:
On 7/12/21 4:11 AM, ToddAndMargo wrote:
On 7/11/21 8:13 PM, ToddAndMargo wrote:
Hi All,

   Fedora 34
   Xfce 4.14


Problem:  my mouse is confined to the VM, unless
I throw <ctrl><alt><L>.  But when I do so, KDE also
logs me out and I have to log back into KDE
every time and my mouse gets re-confined.

This behavior is unique to KDE's VM, as it does not
do it on Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows 11,
Fedora 34 Xfce, or (weird old) Fedora Gnome VM's.

How do I stop this behavior with KDE?   I need to mouse
not to be confined.

Many thanks,

Found a workaround.  alt-clt un-confines the mouse.
But it still stays confined once you get back into

Spcie-vdagent is installed.

Also, the clipboard does to work between the host
and the client, if that help troubleshoot

manually running spice-vdagent fixes the confinement
problem, but not the clipboard.  Now to find out how
to start spice-vdagent at boot

I take that back, the clipboard goes back and forth,
except for kconsole.

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