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Re: TAP Network help with QEMU 6.0.0 Win64

From: Brendan Simon (eTRIX)
Subject: Re: TAP Network help with QEMU 6.0.0 Win64
Date: Fri, 16 Jul 2021 12:30:19 +1000
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I've returned to this after 2 months.  I updated OpenVPN TAP drivers to the latest (2.5.3), deleted existing TAP interfaces and created 2 new interfaces.

My main issue at the moment is that QEMU segfaults when I specifiy TWO network interfaces.  What am I doing wrong or is there a bug?

This is part of my bash script (executed from MSYS2).  NOTE: it works if I only specify ONE net device.

qemu="/c/Program Files/qemu/qemu-system-x86_64.exe"

"${qemu}" -smp cpus=2 -accel ${accel} -m 4G -parallel none -serial none \
-netdev tap,id=mynet0,ifname=OpenVPN_TAP_1 -device e1000,netdev=mynet0 \
-netdev tap,id=mynet1,ifname=OpenVPN_TAP_2 -device e1000,netdev=mynet1 \
-drive file="d:/Brendan/QEmu/Debian_Buster_Server_64bit_COPY_20210511.qcow2"

Output is:

WHPX: setting APIC emulation mode in the hypervisor
Windows Hypervisor Platform accelerator is operational
whpx: injection failed, MSI (0, 0) delivery: 0, dest_mode: 0, trigger mode: 0, vector: 0, lost (c0350005)
/home/brend/bin/qemu-debian-buster-server.sh: line 82:   729 Segmentation fault      "${qemu}" -smp cpus=2 -accel ${accel} -m 4G -parallel none -serial none -netdev tap,id=mynet0,ifname=OpenVPN_TAP_1 -device e1000,netdev=mynet0 -netdev tap,id=mynet1,ifname=OpenVPN_TAP_2 -device rtl8139,netdev=mynet1 -drive file="d:/Brendan/QEmu/Debian_Buster_Server_64bit_COPY_20210511.qcow2"


On 13/05/2021 11:13 am, Brendan Simon (eTRIX) wrote:
I've just installed the Win64 build of QEMU 6.0.0.  I converted a virtualbox Debian image and can get it to run in QEMU :)  but I can't get the tap networking going :(

I have installed OpenVPN client and added Virtual Network adapters.  I can see them being connected/not connected when qemu starts, but I can't get any comms (ping/ssh) between Windows Host <-> Linux Guest.

    -netdev tap,id=mynet0,ifname=Ethernet_QEMU_Tap_1 -device e1000,netdev=mynet0,mac=52:54:98:76:54:01
    -netdev tap,id=mynet1,ifname=Ethernet_QEMU_Tap_2 -device e1000,netdev=mynet1,mac=52:54:98:76:54:02

I have my WiFi adapter setup for Internet Sharing and I selected Ethernet_QEMU_Tap_1 device to share it.
I can't get a DHCP address for that interface (`ens3` - which I verified with ifconfig and the mac address).

In Linux I can see the Ethernet_QEMU_Tap_2 device.  It is configured with NetworkManager and the device shows up as `ens4` (I can tell by the mac address that shows up in ifconfig).
It has an IP address and the routes look ok.
However I can not ping the virtual network adapter in windows land (
ifconfig status show Tx and Rx packets increasing and no errors reported.  Packets are getting lost somewhere.

How do I get this working?  Is it a Windows firewall thing or some other config?

I'm trying to replicate my VirtualBox setup.  First ethernet being NAT to get Internet access.  Second ethernet being Host-Only with static IP so I can ssh to it from the Windows host.

Thanks, Brendan.

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