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Re: [Qemu-ppc] [PATCH v3 8/8] prep: Use i82378 PCI->ISA bridge for 'prep

From: Jan Kiszka
Subject: Re: [Qemu-ppc] [PATCH v3 8/8] prep: Use i82378 PCI->ISA bridge for 'prep' machine
Date: Fri, 13 Jan 2012 17:45:29 +0100
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On 2012-01-13 17:23, Alexander Graf wrote:
> On 13.01.2012, at 17:08, Jan Kiszka wrote:
>> On 2012-01-13 16:57, Andreas Färber wrote:
>>> Am 13.01.2012 10:21, schrieb Jan Kiszka:
>>>> On 2012-01-13 04:09, Andreas Färber wrote:
>>>>> +    isa_bus = DO_UPCAST(ISABus, qbus, qdev_get_child_bus(&pci->qdev, 
>>>>> "isa.0"));
>>>>> +
>>>>> +    i8259 = isa_bus->irqs;
>>>> I think this is unneeded.
>>> The problem here was that isa_get_irq() needs an ISADevice*, not just
>>> the ISABus*, so I had to access ->irqs directly at this point.
>> Which is a hack that should not be merged.
>>> Some of the later ISA devices are optional, others will be moved to the
>>> pc87312. The i8042 might be an option if we really have to.
>>>> You only access i8259[8] later on for
>>>> initializing the m48t59.
>>> And immediately following your quote i8259[9] and i8259[11] for the host
>>> bridge.
>> I was looking at upstream. Which patch is this?
> The patch you were commenting on :)

I see now. It just doesn't introduce it. :)

OK, so the problem is that the creator of the PIC does not export the
input IRQs in a way that they can be used by non-ISA chipset-external
devices as well. It's that fixable? Via GPIO pins of the chipset e.g.?


Siemens AG, Corporate Technology, CT T DE IT 1
Corporate Competence Center Embedded Linux

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