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Re: [Qemu-ppc] Can qemu support uImage and tar.gz as input kernel and ro

From: Alexander Graf
Subject: Re: [Qemu-ppc] Can qemu support uImage and tar.gz as input kernel and root filesystem image formats
Date: Mon, 4 Jun 2012 21:49:07 +0200

On 04.06.2012, at 21:03, Elvis Dowson <address@hidden> wrote:

> Hi,
>      Can qemu accept other types of images for the kernel and rootfilesystem, 
> apart from a vmlinux and ext3 file system? 
> For example, can it accept a uImage

This depends on the machine model. Most embedded machine models in QEMU 
implement uImage loading for -kernel as well as ELF loading. I'm not sure about 
the Virtex one, please check the source code. I don't have access to it right 
now :).

> and a tar.gz image as input for the kernel image and rootfilesystem?

QEMU implements a simple bootloader. It just passes whatever you tell it to 
into the guest kernel.

Can you load a tgz as initrd in u-boot and have it work? If so, it works for 
QEMU. If not, it won't :)


> At the moment, my yocto core-image-minimal and core-image-sato builds the 
> following files, if I first build with machine ?= "virtex5", and then 
> subsequently with machine ?= "qemuppc"
> core-image-minimal-virtex5-20120603201342.rootfs.tar.gz
> core-image-minimal-virtex5-20120604073552.rootfs.tar.gz
> core-image-minimal-virtex5.tar.gz
> core-image-sato-qemuppc-20120604085337.rootfs.ext3
> core-image-sato-qemuppc-20120604085337.rootfs.tar.bz2
> core-image-sato-qemuppc.ext3
> core-image-sato-qemuppc.tar.bz2
> core-image-sato-virtex5-20120603205954.rootfs.tar.gz
> core-image-sato-virtex5-20120604074303.rootfs.tar.gz
> core-image-sato-virtex5.tar.gz
> modules-3.0.0-14.1-build3-r16-virtex5.tgz
> modules-3.2.11-yocto-standard-r1-qemuppc.tgz
> u-boot-virtex5.bin
> u-boot-virtex5-v2012.04.01-r16.bin
> uImage
> uImage-
> uImage-
> uImage-virtex5.bin
> uImage-virtex5.dtb
> vmlinux
> vmlinux-3.2.11+git1+49f931bc294d5b6be60502bbd448cff5aa766235_1+cf3e188cf2a18c48a0e6f9ca54c36e6ac39512ec-r1-qemuppc-20120604085337.bin
> vmlinux-qemuppc.bin
> Is it possible to use the uImage-virtex5.bin for the kernel image and 
> core-image-minimal-virtex5.tar.gz as the rootfilesystem, instead of 
> vmlinux-qemuppc.bin and core-image-sato-qemuppc.ext3 ?
> Best regards,
> Elvis Dowson

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