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Re: [Qemu-ppc] [Qemu-devel] [PATCHv2 1/1] Add usb option in machine opti

From: Andreas Färber
Subject: Re: [Qemu-ppc] [Qemu-devel] [PATCHv2 1/1] Add usb option in machine options to enable/disable usb
Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2012 14:30:21 +0200
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Am 15.06.2012 12:06, schrieb Li Zhang:
> For pseries machine, it needs to enable usb to add
> keyboard or usb mouse. -usb option won't be used in
> the future, and machine options is a better way to
> enable usb.
> So this patch is to add usb option to machine options
> (-machine type=psereis,usb=on/off)to enable/disable
> usb controller.
> In this patch, usb_on is an global option which can
> be checked by machines.

...which is exactly what you've been asked to change in v1. Please do.

Also please stick to QEMU Coding Style, which requires braces for if.
Use of the bool type is preferred of int for two-state logic.


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