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[Qemu-ppc] Please have a look at my attempted slbfee code

From: Michael Sabino
Subject: [Qemu-ppc] Please have a look at my attempted slbfee code
Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2012 01:46:40 -0500


I am trying to implement the slbfee instruction in agraf's AIX tree for AIX boot on qemu-system-ppc64. AIX appears to require this instruction. One important aspect of the slbfee function is to be able to search through the SLB and find a matching entry based on an Entry address/ESID. I am doing this in helper.c through the ppc_find_slb function. Please provide some input on whether this function looks valid, or provide me with some direction to work on this code some more.


Michael Sabino


int ppc_find_slb (CPUPPCState *env, target_ulong ea, target_ulong *flagg)

int index = 0; // index initialized outside of for loop as per C99+ standards
target_ulong mask1 = 0xffffffffffffffff; // mask for determining active segment
int bitset = (int)log2(SLB_VSID_B_1T); // VSID for 1TB segments. Calculate logarithm to get bit position of set bit.

target_ulong mask2 = mask1 >> bitset; // move mask over to set bit, selecting segment
target_ulong ea2 = ea & mask2;
printf("--MASK2-- %llu --MASK2--",mask2);
for (; (index < 64) && (*flagg != 0); index++)
        printf("SLB %d ESID: %llu",index,env->slb[index].esid);
//        if (slb->vsid != NULL)
        if (env->slb[index].esid == ea2)
                {*flagg = 1;
                printf("\nSLB Match!\n");}

return 0;


Thanks again,

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