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Re: [Qemu-ppc] Problem booting qemu-system-ppc with cpu e500XX and machi

From: Badrinath Sriman
Subject: Re: [Qemu-ppc] Problem booting qemu-system-ppc with cpu e500XX and machine mpc8544ds
Date: Tue, 3 Jul 2012 10:52:30 +0530

My reply inline:

On 06/30/2012 03:43 AM, Badrinath Sriman wrote:
> Alex, Thanks a lot for your immediate reply. Couple of points:

> b) From your reply, I think that the key thing as to why the guest 
> window does not pop up seems to be that the -M mpc8544ds option 
> mandatorily expects a -kernel and -initrd option, whereas I have been 
> trying to boot it through the usual -cdrom <bootable.iso> -boot d 
> option, as my understanding of qemu was that -kernel option was 
> supported only for linux as guest OS.

How would you boot that cdrom on real hardware?  Does U-Boot support booting 
from a cdrom?
I am using the bootable CDROM option only because qemu requires the CDROM/hard 
disk images to be bootable. On real hardware, we use the bootm option of 
U-boot. Using qemu, I was not able to find helpful instructions to boot 
netbsd/ppc via. uboot (as bootloader). The nearest that I could come to booting 
netbsd/ppc combination was through ofwboot as the bootloader.
I am now trying to use the -kernel option to boot the netbsd kernel. Looks like 
the -M mpc8544ds option mandatorily requires a FDT. The netbsd that we are 
using does not have the FDT option when it is compiled. So trying to understand 
more about FDT and the qemu implementation of FDT, to debug the booting issue.

- Badri.


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