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[Qemu-ppc] Qemu-ppc] Mac OS Server 1.2

From: G 3
Subject: [Qemu-ppc] Qemu-ppc] Mac OS Server 1.2
Date: Sun, 29 Jan 2017 12:57:01 -0500

I?d like to get this working on Qemu-System-PPC, I can boot from the OS 9 partition of the install CD, but when I try to boot BootX manually from Open Firmware I get garbled video. I may need a custom version of BootX, but I can?t figure any way to modify the install CD ISO. No matter what I do, the ISO file will only mount the HFS partitions of the CD read only, even if I use DiskUtility to convert the image to R/W.

Anyone know how to convey them ISO to a file that is R/W for the HFS partitions?

If you have converted the ISO to R/W, then mount it as a hard drive. The guess operating system will think the CD is always read-only (in theory).
Example: -hdb osxserver.img

Also, the g3beige target machine seems to be broken, it won?t boot OS 9, I can boot OS 9 with -M mac99, even if I chose -cpu G3, or - cpu ppc( 604 ).

That is an issue with how the old world Macintosh is made. The ROM is kept in an actual ROM chip on the motherboard for real Beige G3s. Since this ROM is copyrighted by Apple, we don't use it. They have gone after companies for stealing their ROM's in the past. The mac99 target is what you want to use for booting Mac OS 9.

Is this a limitation of the Open Bios, or did someone push a change to the code that broke the g3beige target?

Do I need an Old World ROM to run as a Beige G3 machine?

There have been attempts at making a Macintosh's ROM work in QEMU. But so far no one has succeeded yet.

Last question, and I know it?s pretty dumb, but I want to add to the CFLAGS when I build Qemu, but I can?t find any place to add them, that doesn?t just get ignored.

Is their a file I can edit to add CFLAGS to the global build of Qemu?

All I can find is a bunch of references to QEMU_CFLAGS.

I think you want to use the configure command to do this.
Example: ./configure --extra-cflags=<your flags>

You can find out more by typing ./configure --help

All the latest developments with Mac OS on QEMU as a guest is happening here: http://www.emaculation.com/forum/viewtopic.php? f=34&t=7047&sid=e9c867405d939d66e07d312bb647843e&start=1500

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