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Re: [Qemu-ppc] Sam 460 qemu emultation sii3112 and Vdisk attachment

From: BALATON Zoltan
Subject: Re: [Qemu-ppc] Sam 460 qemu emultation sii3112 and Vdisk attachment
Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2018 12:48:38 +0100 (CET)
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On Thu, 22 Mar 2018, luigi burdo wrote:
./configure --target-list=ppc-softmmu,ppc64-softmmu --audio-drv-list=sdl,pa 
--with-sdlabi=2.0 --with-gtk-abi=3.0

I guess the --with-*abi options are defaults now anyway so should not be explicitely needed (but it does not hurt either).

I have the sam460 uboot logo from uboot but i dont know how to attach the select device "cdrom" or "vdisk" on the sii3112 vdevice.

For all the way i did , look like uboot dont see disks on the sii device, there is a special syntax for do this? Note I had been checked it with "sata info" command on uboot and it reply with just the controller without the device attached.

Nothing special should be needed. I just use:

-drive if=none,id=cd,file=aros-sam440-ppc.iso,format=raw \
-device ide-cd,drive=cd,bus=ide.0

where ide.0 is first port of sii3112 and ide.1 is second port.

Plus: Sam 460ex have an sdcard reader on the mobo it is been used for boot amigaos or morphos, is it been emulated, if yes there is a special syntax for attach on it the Vsdimage ?

That should not be needed because you could just attach an image as an HDD with

-device ide-hd,drive=hddrive,bus=ide.0

after defining -drive with id=hddrive but the sdcard reader in Sam460ex is a USB device so it could be emulated as USB storage with

-device usb-storage,drive=hddrive,bus=usb-bus.0

which may work but I think it would be slower and may have problems due to u-boot bugs present in the Acube firmware.

i will share all info here with couple of amigaos developers plus with Max Tretene (from Acube) for understand what made amigaos io issue and if the graphic corruption reported by Zoltan of amigaos is because qemu sm501 or are normal issue of amigaos driver.

You don't need to relay messages (thanks for doing it though), but developers who have something to say could contact me directly via email or on one of the lists I'm on.


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