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Re: [Qemu-ppc] Profiling results

From: Mark Cave-Ayland
Subject: Re: [Qemu-ppc] Profiling results
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2018 18:09:57 +0100
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On 17/07/18 16:09, BALATON Zoltan wrote:

On Mon, 16 Jul 2018, Peter Maydell wrote:
Is this coming up as significant in profiling? In the past we've

This seems to depend on the workload. From the cases I'm interested in AROS and AmigaOS on qemu-system-ppc -M sam460ex does not seem to be effected much (object_class_dynamic_cast_assert is not in top 10 with <2%) but for MorphOS on mac99 this seems to be significant. This is with default configure (--enable-qom-cast-debug):

%       cum. %     linenr info                 symbol name
9.7057   9.7057    exec-all.h:410              helper_lookup_tb_ptr
8.0330  17.7387    object.c:711 object_class_dynamic_cast_assert
6.9411  24.6798    cputlb.c:793                io_readx
6.3219  31.0017    sm501_template.h:62         draw_line16_32
5.3601  36.3617    cputlb.c:114                tlb_flush_nocheck
3.6170  39.9787    translate-all.c:749         page_trylock_add
3.1188  43.0975    translate-all.c:803         page_collection_lock
3.0405  46.1380    exec.c:3025                 iotlb_to_section
2.7044  48.8424    softmmu_template.h:112      helper_ret_ldub_mmu
2.4154  51.2578    memory.c:1350               memory_region_access_valid

and improves a bit (but not much) with --disable-qom-cast-debug

%        cum. %     linenr info                 symbol name
10.2063  10.2063    exec-all.h:410              helper_lookup_tb_ptr
 7.1581  17.3644    object.c:711 object_class_dynamic_cast_assert
  5.9297  23.2941    sm501_template.h:62         draw_line16_32
  5.9227  29.2168    cputlb.c:793                io_readx
  5.3030  34.5198    cputlb.c:114                tlb_flush_nocheck
  3.6445  38.1643    memory.c:1350               memory_region_access_valid
  3.5499  41.7142    softmmu_template.h:112      helper_ret_ldub_mmu
  3.0383  44.7525    translate-all.c:803         page_collection_lock
 2.9735  47.7260    memory.c:1415 memory_region_dispatch_read
  2.9503  50.6763    translate-all.c:749         page_trylock_add

But the workloads may not have been 100% identical so this is not conclusive, maybe this debug code is not that expensive at the moment.

AROS on sam460ex has a different profile:

%        cum. %     linenr info                 symbol name
8.9905   8.9905     translate-all.c:749         page_trylock_add
8.7658  17.7563     exec-all.h:410              helper_lookup_tb_ptr
7.7349  25.4911     translate-all.c:803         page_collection_lock
5.8246  31.3158     cputlb.c:924                victim_tlb_hit
3.1640  34.4797     cpus.c:347                  cpu_get_clock
3.1538  37.6335     translate-all.c:788         tb_page_addr_cmp
2.7969  40.4304     exec.c:435 address_space_translate_internal
2.6647  43.0951     memory.c:571                access_with_adjusted_size
2.0615  45.1567     exec.c:569                  flatview_do_translate
1.9586  47.1153     memory.c:1350               memory_region_access_valid

Would anyone be able to guess what are the places that should be looked at or what to check to get more info on this?

My first thought is that there is a QOM cast somewhere in a hot path on -M mac99 - can you show us the call stack information from the profile?

I had a similar issue with SPARC32 whereby each DMA request needs to be manually word-swapped, so instead of adding the QOM cast into these routines I did a direct C cast from the opaque to ensure that the overhead was as little as possible.



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