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Re: [PULL 00/30] ppc-for-6.0 queue 20201211

From: Philippe Mathieu-Daudé
Subject: Re: [PULL 00/30] ppc-for-6.0 queue 20201211
Date: Fri, 11 Dec 2020 13:35:26 +0100
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On 12/11/20 5:14 AM, David Gibson wrote:
> The following changes since commit 2ecfc0657afa5d29a373271b342f704a1a3c6737:
>   Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/armbru/tags/pull-misc-2020-12-10' 
> into staging (2020-12-10 17:01:05 +0000)
> are available in the Git repository at:
>   https://gitlab.com/dgibson/qemu.git tags/ppc-for-6.0-20201211
> for you to fetch changes up to 7728c7ef126468a3e982b03b427196b1cccfa2c8:
>   spapr.c: set a 'kvm-type' default value instead of relying on NULL 
> (2020-12-11 12:02:10 +1100)
> ----------------------------------------------------------------
> ppc patch queue 2020-12-11
> Here's my first pull request for qemu-6.0, with a bunch of things
> queued over the freeze.  Highlights are:
>  * A bunch of cleanups to hotplug error paths from Greg Kurz
>  * A number of TCG fixes from new contributor LemonBoy
>  * Added Greg Kurz as co-maintainer
>  * Assorted other bugfixes and cleanups
> ----------------------------------------------------------------
> LemonBoy (5):
>       ppc/translate: Fix unordered f64/f128 comparisons
>       ppc/translate: Turn the helper macros into functions
>       ppc/translate: Delay NaN checking after comparison
>       ppc/translate: Raise exceptions after setting the cc
>       ppc/translate: Rewrite gen_lxvdsx to use gvec primitives

I was surprised by that author and went to check the wiki

  Please use your real name to sign a patch (not an alias or acronym).
  If you wrote the patch, make sure your "From:" and "Signed-off-by:"
  lines use the same spelling.

The patches are signed with Giuseppe real name, so this is OK.
Author can be fixed up later in .mailmap.

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