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Re: [PATCH] configure: Fail when specified cross compiler cannot be foun

From: Alex Bennée
Subject: Re: [PATCH] configure: Fail when specified cross compiler cannot be found
Date: Fri, 18 Dec 2020 11:57:49 +0000
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Paolo Bonzini <pbonzini@redhat.com> writes:

> On 17/12/20 18:56, Alex Bennée wrote:
>> To be honest at the moment the information is a little hidden at the top
>> of the output. It would be nice if we could teach meson to echo it in
>> it's nice coloured output.
>> Paolo,
>> Any ideas for the cleanest way to do that?
> The code in configure is pretty small:
> (for i in $cross_cc_vars; do
>    export $i
> done
> export target_list source_path use_containers
> $source_path/tests/tcg/configure.sh)
> configure would place the cross-cc variables (which are really just 
> command line options) in a file, something like config-cross-cc.mak, and 
> the Meson translation of the above would be
> env = environment()
> foreach k, v : keyval.load(meson.current_build_dir() / 
> 'config-cross-cc.mak')
>    env.set(k, v)
> endforeach
> env.set('target_list', ','.join(target_dirs))
> env.set('source_path', meson.source_root())
> env.set('use_containers',
>          'CROSS_CC_CONTAINERS' in config_host ? 'yes' : 'no')
> message(run_command(files('tests/tcg/configure.sh'), env: env).stdout())
> For a bit more polish, one could make tests/tcg/configure.sh print the 
> result in keyval format, parse it back from meson as a dictionary with 
> keyval.load(), and pass the result to summary().

Don't we already have this in the form of tests/tcg/config-$TARGET.mak?
Shouldn't we just injest that into meson after configure.sh has run?

> Paolo

Alex Bennée

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