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Re: Crashes with qemu-system-ppc64

From: Philippe Mathieu-Daudé
Subject: Re: Crashes with qemu-system-ppc64
Date: Tue, 23 Mar 2021 19:20:11 +0100
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On 3/23/21 5:48 PM, Thomas Huth wrote:
> In case anyone is interested in fixing those, there are two regressions
> with qemu-system-ppc64 in the current master branch:
> $ ./qemu-system-ppc64 -M ppce500 -device macio-oldworld
> qemu-system-ppc64: ../../devel/qemu/softmmu/memory.c:2443:
> memory_region_add_subregion_common: Assertion `!subregion->container'
> failed.

I wonder if this is a side effect of using

> $ ./qemu-system-ppc64 -device power8_v2.0-spapr-cpu-core,help
> /home/thuth/devel/qemu/include/hw/boards.h:24:MACHINE: Object
> 0x5635bd53af10 is not an instance of type machine
> Aborted (core dumped)
>  Thomas

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