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Re: assert in qemu under tcg in an smp case

From: Daniel Henrique Barboza
Subject: Re: assert in qemu under tcg in an smp case
Date: Tue, 22 Jun 2021 16:20:45 -0300
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On 6/20/21 8:44 AM, Ivan Warren wrote:

I know this is not a sanctioned or supported case but anyways...

I am getting this situation when ipling/booting AIX (7.2 TL5 SP2) in a virtual 
SMP environment (8 virtual CPUS) with TCG :

assertion failed: (cpu->halted)

the asset occurs very late during the boot process.

If I comment out the g_assert at or around line 85 of the offender, everything 
works fine (I haven't tried any tests though)

Can you share the command line you used, host arch, host OS and so on?

I am having a hard time getting to as how to this occurs (but it's only on AIX 
- ppc64le linux works fine), but I am suspecting this is related is to how the 
kernel vary offs and vary on logical processors.

PS : I have searched around - and this seems to be a problem that can be traced 
from way years back (maybe 3 or 4).

Is this a TCG only problem? I've booted AIX VMs before using KVM. I also
recall that people inside IBM uses the following options to boot AIX
VMs (with KVM):

-machine pseries-2.11,cap-cfpc=workaround,cap-sbbc=workaround,cap-ibs=broken

You might want to make a try with those using TCG, specially the 'pseries-2.11'
version. And no, I don't know whether AIX only boots with this machine version
or if someone managed to boot with that and never attempted a newer machine



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