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Re: [RFC PATCH] spapr: Add SPAPR_CAP_AIL_MODES for supported AIL modes f

From: David Gibson
Subject: Re: [RFC PATCH] spapr: Add SPAPR_CAP_AIL_MODES for supported AIL modes for H_SET_MODE hcall
Date: Mon, 7 Feb 2022 12:41:15 +1100

On Sat, Jan 29, 2022 at 04:50:07PM +1000, Nicholas Piggin wrote:
> The behaviour of the Address Translation Mode on Interrupt resource is
> not consistently supported by all CPU versions or all KVM versions.  In
> particular KVM HV only supports mode 0 on POWER7 processors, and does
> not support mode 2 on any processors. KVM PR only supports mode 0. TCG
> can support all modes (0,2,3).
> This leads to inconsistencies in guest behaviour and could cause
> problems migrating guests.
> This was not too noticable for Linux guests for a long time because the
> kernel only used mode 0 or 3, and it used to consider AIL to be somewhat
> advisory (KVM would not always honor it either) and it kept both sets of
> interrupt vectors around.
> Recent Linux guests depend on the AIL mode working as defined by the ISA
> to support the SCV facility interrupt. If AIL mode 3 can not be provided,
> then Linux must be given an error so it can disable the SCV facility.
> Add the ail-modes capability which is a bitmap of the supported values
> for the H_SET_MODE Address Translation Mode on Interrupt resource. Add
> a new KVM CAP that exports the same thing, and provide defaults for PR
> and HV KVM that predate the cap.
> ---
> I just wanted to get some feedback on the approach before submitting a
> patch for the KVM cap.
> The reason I don't make that a boolean cap for AIL=3 is that future
> processors might implement new modes a guest would like to use even
> though it's not the nicest interface.

>  SpaprCapabilityInfo capability_table[SPAPR_CAP_NUM] = {
>      [SPAPR_CAP_HTM] = {
>          .name = "htm",
> @@ -730,6 +802,15 @@ SpaprCapabilityInfo capability_table[SPAPR_CAP_NUM] = {
>          .type = "bool",
>          .apply = cap_rpt_invalidate_apply,
>      },
> +    [SPAPR_CAP_AIL_MODES] = {
> +        .name = "ail-modes",
> +        .description = "Bitmap of AIL (alternate interrupt location) mode 
> support",

A bitmap doesn't quite work as an spapr cap.  The general caps code
assumes that bigger is always better, or more precisely that migrating
from an instance that has a lower value to one which has a higher
value is "good enough" to be compatible.  That's obviously not the
case for a bitmap.

I think to handle this properly within the limitations of papr caps,
you instead want a separate boolean cap for each supported AIL mode
(or at least for each AIL mode you want to have control over).

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