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Re: [PATCH] ppc/xive: Save/restore state of the External interrupt

From: Cédric Le Goater
Subject: Re: [PATCH] ppc/xive: Save/restore state of the External interrupt
Date: Tue, 26 Apr 2022 17:24:09 +0200
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+    uint8_t *regs = &tctx->regs[TM_QW1_OS];
+    /*
+     * Used when pulling an OS context.
+     * Lower the External interrupt if it's pending. It is necessary
+     * to avoid catching it in the hypervisor context. It should be
+     * raised again when re-pushing the OS context.
+     */
+    if (regs[TM_PIPR] < regs[TM_CPPR]) {

This seems useless. Since we want the signal down always.

Agreed the test is ugly though it works and avoid calling qemu_irq_lower() when 
it's not needed. I'll check whether qemu offers a way to test the state of a 
signal (which is what we really want) otherwise I'll always lower the signal 

Not really, it's a function call. or test the NSR may be ?

Just lower it, I guess. I don't think this will impact much performance.

[ ... ]

      return qw1w2;
@@ -413,10 +430,13 @@ static void xive_tctx_need_resend(XiveRouter *xrtr, 
XiveTCTX *tctx,
          /* Reset the NVT value */
          nvt.w4 = xive_set_field32(NVT_W4_IPB, nvt.w4, 0);
          xive_router_write_nvt(xrtr, nvt_blk, nvt_idx, &nvt, 4);
-        /* Merge in current context */
-        xive_tctx_ipb_update(tctx, TM_QW1_OS, ipb);
+    /*
+     * Always merge in current context. Even if there's no escalation,
+     * it will check with the IPB value restored before pushing the OS
+     * context and set the External interrupt signal if needed.
+     */
+    xive_tctx_ipb_update(tctx, TM_QW1_OS, ipb);

That's another patch and I am not sure it is needed.

An IPB value is recorded in the NVT when an interrupt is delivered
while a vCPU is not dispatched. With this change, you would force
the update in any case when the context is pushed.

Is that to close a potential race window on an interrupt being
delivered to a vCPU just before it is dispatched by the HV ?

Not quite, there's no race involved. Consider the following the scenario that I 
can hit fairly easily:

1. an External interrupt is raised while the guest is on the CPU. We now have 
IPB!=0 and PIPR!=0

2. the guest enters the interrupt handler but before it can ack the interrupt (special mmio read "TM_SPC_ACK_OS_REG"), another hypervisor interrupt is raised. For example the Hypervisor Decrementer (but I've also hit it with others). The hypervisor interrupt is delivered immediately in that case and forces a guest exit, so that the hypervisor can process the hypervisor interrupt. So we leave the guest and pull the OS context with IPB and PIPR!=0. That's the state which is saved, either by KVM (P9))


or by the hw (P10 with vp-save-restore).

3. Some time later, we enter the guest again and restore the interrupt state, 
either from KVM (P9) or automatically (P10). So we call:

   --> xive_tctx_need_resend()

In xive_tctx_need_resend(), we check the NVT to see if we had an escalation. If 
we do, then we update the IPB and PIPR and we are fine.
But if we don't have an escalation, we don't call xive_tctx_ipb_update(). The 
IPB value will be correct because it was just restored, but we won't recompute 
the PIPR register.


So it seems to me that irrespective of the separate issue of lowering/raising 
the External interrupt signal when pulling/pushing an OS context, we already 
need to always go through xive_tctx_ipb_update() to recompute the PIPR (and 
it's agreed that's a reason enough to be a separate patch).

I think you just wrote the commit log :)

Now, if on top of that, we add the fact that we may need to raise the External 
interrupt signal when pushing an OS context, then calling 
xive_tctx_ipb_update() is our natural way of doing that. So that's a second 
reason where it helps.

I would be interested to know if you can start an emulated QEMU PowerNV
system (2cpus) with a KVM guest (1 vcpu) and sustain some network load
host<->guest with a ping -f for instance.



diff --git a/hw/intc/xive2.c b/hw/intc/xive2.c
index 3aff42a69e..b7f1917cd2 100644
--- a/hw/intc/xive2.c
+++ b/hw/intc/xive2.c
@@ -269,6 +269,7 @@ uint64_t xive2_tm_pull_os_ctx(XivePresenter *xptr, XiveTCTX 
          xive2_tctx_save_os_ctx(xrtr, tctx, nvp_blk, nvp_idx);
+    xive_tctx_eval_ext_signal(tctx);
      return qw1w2;
@@ -316,7 +317,6 @@ static void xive2_tctx_need_resend(Xive2Router *xrtr, 
XiveTCTX *tctx,
      Xive2Nvp nvp;
      uint8_t ipb;
-    uint8_t cppr = 0;
       * Grab the associated thread interrupt context registers in the
@@ -337,7 +337,7 @@ static void xive2_tctx_need_resend(Xive2Router *xrtr, 
XiveTCTX *tctx,
      /* Automatically restore thread context registers */
      if (xive2_router_get_config(xrtr) & XIVE2_VP_SAVE_RESTORE &&
          do_restore) {
-        cppr = xive2_tctx_restore_os_ctx(xrtr, tctx, nvp_blk, nvp_idx, &nvp);
+        xive2_tctx_restore_os_ctx(xrtr, tctx, nvp_blk, nvp_idx, &nvp);
      ipb = xive_get_field32(NVP2_W2_IPB, nvp.w2);
@@ -346,10 +346,12 @@ static void xive2_tctx_need_resend(Xive2Router *xrtr, 
XiveTCTX *tctx,
          xive2_router_write_nvp(xrtr, nvp_blk, nvp_idx, &nvp, 2);
-    /* An IPB or CPPR change can trigger a resend */
-    if (ipb || cppr) {
-        xive_tctx_ipb_update(tctx, TM_QW1_OS, ipb);
-    }
+    /*
+     * Always merge in current context. Even if there's no escalation,
+     * it will check with the IPB value restored and set the External
+     * interrupt signal if needed.
+     */
+    xive_tctx_ipb_update(tctx, TM_QW1_OS, ipb);

I guess this fine. The test on the cppr is just an optimisation, if I am
correct. But it needs to be in another patch.

Same previous comment for ibp.

The scenario I described above still stands on P10. In which case checking the 
CPPR value becomes a moot point if we always call xive_tctx_ipb_update(). And 
the compiler yells if it's unused.




diff --git a/include/hw/ppc/xive.h b/include/hw/ppc/xive.h
index 126e4e2c3a..91512ed5e6 100644
--- a/include/hw/ppc/xive.h
+++ b/include/hw/ppc/xive.h
@@ -527,6 +527,7 @@ Object *xive_tctx_create(Object *cpu, XivePresenter *xptr, 
Error **errp);
  void xive_tctx_reset(XiveTCTX *tctx);
  void xive_tctx_destroy(XiveTCTX *tctx);
  void xive_tctx_ipb_update(XiveTCTX *tctx, uint8_t ring, uint8_t ipb);
+void xive_tctx_eval_ext_signal(XiveTCTX *tctx);
   * KVM XIVE device helpers

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