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AIX 7.2 guest, Windows 10 host, networking, qemu 6.0.50.

From: Paul Dembry
Subject: AIX 7.2 guest, Windows 10 host, networking, qemu 6.0.50.
Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2022 09:00:55 -0700

I have AIX 7.2 installed and running fine however I cannot get any access to it via my LAN. I have tried multiple variations of -netdev and -device, the AIX system “sees” en0, but nothing more. The examples I have found all use a linux host which I can use however when I set up the bridge device, I lost LAN connectivity to my linux machine (ESXi guest). What I want to accomplish is the AIX system appearing like any other machine on my LAN with bi-directional connectivity. Failing that, it would be ok if it spoke only to the Windows host because I could move files to/from the Windows host and AIX guest. Has anyone been successful at this at doing this or have any ideas of how I can accomplish this feat? This would be very handy because my “real” AIX box does not have an HMC and so I cannot remote boot it.


That fact that AIX 7.2 even comes up on qemu ppc64 is a tremendous achievement 😊!!


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