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Re: [PATCH v3 00/12] powernv: introduce pnv-phb base/proxy devices

From: Frederic Barrat
Subject: Re: [PATCH v3 00/12] powernv: introduce pnv-phb base/proxy devices
Date: Wed, 27 Jul 2022 19:28:56 +0200
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On 24/06/2022 10:49, Daniel Henrique Barboza wrote:

This is the version 3 of the pnv-phb proxy device which has the
following main differences from v2:

- it's rebased on top of "[PATCH v3 0/8] pnv-phb related cleanups"
- it doesn't have any patches related to user-created devices

There is no user visible change made here yet. We're making device
changes that are effective using default settings.

Changes from v2:
- all related changes made with the rebase on top of "[PATCH v3 0/8]
pnv-phb related cleanups"
- the following user devices patches were removed:
   - ppc/pnv: user created pnv-phb for powernv8
   - ppc/pnv: user created pnv-phb for powernv9
   - ppc/pnv: change pnv_phb4_get_pec() to also retrieve chip10->pecs
   - ppc/pnv: user creatable pnv-phb for powernv10
- v2 link: https://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/qemu-devel/2022-05/msg06254.html

This series look pretty good to me! I only have a couple of minor comments, which I don't think are worth a resend.


Daniel Henrique Barboza (12):
   ppc/pnv: add PHB3 bus init helper
   ppc/pnv: add PnvPHB base/proxy device
   ppc/pnv: turn PnvPHB3 into a PnvPHB backend
   ppc/pnv: add PHB4 bus init helper
   ppc/pnv: turn PnvPHB4 into a PnvPHB backend
   ppc/pnv: add pnv-phb-root-port device
   ppc/pnv: remove pnv-phb3-root-port
   ppc/pnv: remove pnv-phb4-root-port
   ppc/pnv: remove root port name from pnv_phb_attach_root_port()
   ppc/pnv: remove pecc->rp_model
   ppc/pnv: remove PnvPHB4.version
   ppc/pnv: move attach_root_port helper to pnv-phb.c

  hw/pci-host/meson.build        |   3 +-
  hw/pci-host/pnv_phb.c          | 244 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  hw/pci-host/pnv_phb.h          |  55 ++++++++
  hw/pci-host/pnv_phb3.c         | 106 ++++----------
  hw/pci-host/pnv_phb4.c         | 144 ++++---------------
  hw/pci-host/pnv_phb4_pec.c     |   5 +-
  hw/ppc/pnv.c                   |  68 ++++-----
  include/hw/pci-host/pnv_phb3.h |  12 +-
  include/hw/pci-host/pnv_phb4.h |  18 +--
  include/hw/ppc/pnv.h           |   5 +-
  10 files changed, 401 insertions(+), 259 deletions(-)
  create mode 100644 hw/pci-host/pnv_phb.c
  create mode 100644 hw/pci-host/pnv_phb.h

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