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Re: [PATCH 02/13] hw/ide/via: Implement ISA IRQ routing

From: BALATON Zoltan
Subject: Re: [PATCH 02/13] hw/ide/via: Implement ISA IRQ routing
Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2023 12:10:34 +0200 (CEST)

On Mon, 24 Apr 2023, Bernhard Beschow wrote:
Am 22. April 2023 19:21:12 UTC schrieb BALATON Zoltan <balaton@eik.bme.hu>:
On Sat, 22 Apr 2023, Bernhard Beschow wrote:
Am 22. April 2023 17:23:56 UTC schrieb BALATON Zoltan <balaton@eik.bme.hu>:
On Sat, 22 Apr 2023, Bernhard Beschow wrote:
The VIA south bridge allows the legacy IDE interrupts to be routed to four
different ISA interrupts. This can be configured through the 0x4a register in
the PCI configuration space of the ISA function. The default routing matches
the legacy ISA IRQs, that is 14 and 15.

On VT8231 0x4a is PCI Master Arbitration Control, IDE interrupt Routing is 0x4c 
and only documents 14/15 as valid values.

In the datasheet titled "VT8231 South Bridge", preliminary revision 0.8, Oct. 29, 1999, 
page 60, the "IDE Interrupt Routing" register is located at offset 0x4a and offers the 
same four interrupts in the same order as in the code. Are we looking at the same datasheet?

Apparently not. The one I have says: Revision 2.32, May 10, 2004. Looks more 
authorative than a preliminary one.

Indeed. I've updated my copy of the datasheet.

Not sure any guest would actually change this or 0x4a and if that could cause 
problems but you may need to handle this somehow. (Apart from testing with 
MorphOS with -kernel you should really be testing with pegasos2.rom with 
MorphOS and Linux, e.g. Debian 8.11 netinstall iso is known to boot.)

I've tested extensively with an x86 Linux guest on my pc-via branch which 
worked flawlessly.

That does not substitute testing Linux on pegasos2 though becuase there are 
some hacks in Linux kernel to handle some pecularities of the pegasos2 
including via ide on that machine and that can only be fully tested with 
pegasos2.rom and PPC Linux.

I'll try to find the Debian ISO to test with pegasos2.rom.

It should be here I think:


As mentioned in the commit message the default routing of the chipset matches 
legacy behavior, that is interrupts 14 and 15. This is reflected by assigning 
[0x4a] = 4 in the code and that is how the code behaved before.

And that's the only allowed value on VT8231, other bits are listed as reserved 
so I wonder if we want to model this at all if no guest is touching it anyway. 
So you could also just drop that part and keep it hard mapped to 14-15 as it is 
now, mentioning the config reg in a comment if we ever find a guest that needs 

I see it now. I'll use hardcoded IRQs 14 and 15 then.

Best regards,


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