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Re: [PATCH 02/10] memory-device: Introduce memory_devices_init()

From: David Hildenbrand
Subject: Re: [PATCH 02/10] memory-device: Introduce memory_devices_init()
Date: Tue, 30 May 2023 15:04:35 +0200
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On 30.05.23 14:29, Philippe Mathieu-Daudé wrote:
Hi David,

On 30/5/23 13:38, David Hildenbrand wrote:
Let's intrduce a new helper that we will use to replace existing memory
device setup code during machine initialization. We'll enforce that the
size has to be > 0.

Once all machines were converted, we'll only allocate ms->device_memory
if the size > 0.

Signed-off-by: David Hildenbrand <david@redhat.com>
   hw/mem/memory-device.c         | 14 ++++++++++++++
   include/hw/mem/memory-device.h |  2 ++
   2 files changed, 16 insertions(+)

diff --git a/include/hw/mem/memory-device.h b/include/hw/mem/memory-device.h
index 48d2611fc5..6e8a10e2f5 100644
--- a/include/hw/mem/memory-device.h
+++ b/include/hw/mem/memory-device.h
@@ -16,6 +16,7 @@
   #include "hw/qdev-core.h"
   #include "qapi/qapi-types-machine.h"
   #include "qom/object.h"
+#include "exec/hwaddr.h"
#define TYPE_MEMORY_DEVICE "memory-device" @@ -113,5 +114,6 @@ void memory_device_plug(MemoryDeviceState *md, MachineState *ms);
   void memory_device_unplug(MemoryDeviceState *md, MachineState *ms);
   uint64_t memory_device_get_region_size(const MemoryDeviceState *md,
                                          Error **errp);
+void memory_devices_init(MachineState *ms, hwaddr base, uint64_t size);

While hw/mem/memory-device.c contains the implementation, all callers
are expected to be around Machine object, right? Thus maybe this _init()
could be declared in "hw/boards.h", already included by machines
(eventually renaming as machine_init_memory_devices() ). Then machines
implementation don't have to all include "hw/mem/memory-device.h".

Some (arm, i386) want to call the hotplug handle functions either way, so they'll still have to include that header.

But sure, we can rename to machine_init_memory_devices() and declare it include/hw/boards.h!

Alternatively, keep memory_devices_init() declared here, but implement
machine_init_memory_devices() in hw/core/machine.c, declaring it in
"hw/boards.h", so again machines don't have to include

I prefer the implementation residing in hw/mem/memory-device.c. I have some upcoming patches that add more "meat" to the init function, such that makes it looks cleaner to me to just reside hw/mem/memory-device.h.



David / dhildenb

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