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[Qemu-riscv] [PULL] RISC-V Patches for 3.1-rc2

From: Palmer Dabbelt
Subject: [Qemu-riscv] [PULL] RISC-V Patches for 3.1-rc2
Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2018 13:30:40 -0800

The following changes since commit cb968d275c145467c8b385a3618a207ec111eab1:

  Update version for v3.1.0-rc1 release (2018-11-13 18:16:14 +0000)

are available in the Git repository at:

  git://github.com/riscv/riscv-qemu.git tags/riscv-for-master-3.1-rc2

for you to fetch changes up to 3502dc824a7b0218abb49f4350e80a49829748cf:

  RISC-V: Respect fences for user-only emulators (2018-11-13 15:12:15 -0800)

RISC-V Patches for 3.1-rc2

This pull request contains four patches that aren't really related to
each other aside from all being bug fixes that I think should go in for

* The second half of Alistair's memory leak patch set that I missed last
* A fix to make fclass.d availiable only on RV64IFD systems (without
  this it's availiable on RV32IFD systems, truncating the result).
* A fix to make sfence.vm availiable only in priv-1.9.1, and sfence.vma
  only availiable in priv-1.10.
* A change to respect fences in user-mode emulators, which were
  previously treated as NOPs.

As usual, this builds and boot Linux for me.  I don't think I have
anything else planned for 3.1.0, but I may be wrong as things are a bit
hectic this week.

Alistair Francis (1):
      hw/riscv/virt: Free the test device tree node name

Bastian Koppelmann (2):
      target/riscv: Fix FCLASS_D being treated as RV64 only
      target/riscv: Fix sfence.vm/a both available in any priv version

Palmer Dabbelt (1):
      RISC-V: Respect fences for user-only emulators

 hw/riscv/virt.c          |  1 +
 target/riscv/translate.c | 24 ++++++++++++++++--------
 2 files changed, 17 insertions(+), 8 deletions(-)

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