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[Qemu-riscv] Wiki Account Creation [Was Re: [PULL] RISC-V Changes for 3.

From: Palmer Dabbelt
Subject: [Qemu-riscv] Wiki Account Creation [Was Re: [PULL] RISC-V Changes for 3.2, Part 1]
Date: Tue, 08 Jan 2019 11:37:05 -0800 (PST)

On Thu, 03 Jan 2019 08:46:11 PST (-0800), Peter Maydell wrote:
On Wed, 26 Dec 2018 at 17:20, Palmer Dabbelt <address@hidden> wrote:

The following changes since commit b72566a4ffaddbc0c0c1f6f5ee91b42ab13ff429:

  Merge remote-tracking branch 
'remotes/vivier2/tags/trivial-patches-pull-request' into staging (2018-12-19 
15:31:02 +0000)

are available in the Git repository at:

  git://github.com/palmer-dabbelt/qemu.git tags/riscv-for-master-3.2-part1

for you to fetch changes up to 7b91ae7d7944056c5e8045342e4039e978e43c82:

  MAINTAINERS: Mark RISC-V as Supported (2018-12-21 07:57:15 -0800)

RISC-V Changes for 3.2, Part 1

This pull request contains the first set of RISC-V patches I'd like to
target for the 3.2 development cycle.  It's really just a collection of
bug fixes with one major new feature: PCIe can now be attached to RISC-V

This has passed my usual test of booting the latest Linux RC into a
Fedora disk image on the virt machine.

Applied, thanks.

Please update the changelog at https://wiki.qemu.org/ChangeLog/4.0
for any user-visible changes.

It looks like I don't have an account and I'm supposed to ask on qemu-devel for one.

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