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Re: [PATCH v2 1/4] roms: opensbi: Upgrade from v0.5 to v0.6

From: Alistair Francis
Subject: Re: [PATCH v2 1/4] roms: opensbi: Upgrade from v0.5 to v0.6
Date: Mon, 24 Feb 2020 08:58:35 -0800

On Mon, Feb 24, 2020 at 5:42 AM Bin Meng <address@hidden> wrote:
> Upgrade OpenSBI from v0.5 to v0.6 and the pre-built bios images.
> The v0.6 release includes the following commits:
> dd8ef28 firmware: Fix compile error for FW_PAYLOAD with latest GCC binutils
> 98f4a20 firmware: Introduce relocation lottery
> f728a0b include: Sync-up encoding with priv v1.12-draft and hypervisor 
> v0.5-draft
> 18897aa include: Use _UL() and _ULL() for defines in riscv_encoding.h
> 7a13beb firmware: Add preferred boot HART field in struct fw_dynamic_info
> 215421c lib: Remove date and time from init message
> 838657c include: Remove ilen member of struct unpriv_trap
> b1d8c98 lib: No need to set VSSTATUS.MXR bit in get_insn()
> 0e1322b lib: Better naming of unpriv APIs for wider use
> 75f903d lib: Simplify trap parameters in sbi_ecall functions
> c96cc03 lib: Fix CPU capabilities detection function
> ab14f94 lib: Fix probe extension
> 813f7f4 lib: Add error detection for misa_extension
> dc40042 include: sbi_platform: fix compilation for GCC-9
> bd732ae include: Add guest external interrupt related defines
> 6590a7d lib: Delegate guest page faults to HS-mode
> 4370f18 include: Extend struct sbi_trap_info for mtval2 and mtinst
> 086dbdf lib: Fix sbi_get_insn() for load guest page fault
> 2be424b lib: Extend trap redirection for hypervisor v0.5 spec
> 7219477 lib: Use MTINST CSR in misaligned load/store emulation
> b8732fe lib: Add replacement extension and function ids
> aa0ed1d lib: Remove redundant IPI types
> 1092663 lib: Add TIME extension in SBI
> 9777aee lib: Add IPI extension in SBI
> 9407202 lib: Add hfence instruction encoding
> 331ff6a lib: Support stage1 and stage2 tlb flushing
> 86a31f5 lib: Implement RFENCE extension
> c7d1b12 firmware: Return real DTB address when FW_xyz_FDT_ADDR is not defined
> 9beb573 firmware: Improve comments for fw_prev_arg1() and fw_next_arg1()
> fc6bd90 docs: Improve docs for FDT address passing
> 46a90d9 lib: utils: Support CLINT with 32bit MMIO access on RV64 system
> c0849cd platform: Add T-head C910 initial support
> e746673 lib: Remove unnecessary checks from init_coldboot() and 
> init_warmboot()
> c3e406f lib: Add initial sbi_exit() API
> 55e191e lib: Add system early_exit and final_exit APIs
> 6469ed1 lib: Add timer exit API
> b325f6b lib: Add ipi exit API
> 1993182 lib: Add irqchip exit API
> 2aa43a1 lib: save/restore MIE CSR in sbi_hart_wait_for_coldboot()
> b0c9787 lib: do sbi_exit() upon halt IPI
> 15ed1e7 lib: improve system reboot and shutdown implementation
> 73c19e6 lib: zero-out memory allocated using sbi_scratch_alloc_offset()
> a67fd68 lib: Add sbi_init_count() API
> 049ad0b build: Use -ffreestanding
> e340bbf include: Add OPENSBI_EXTERNAL_SBI_TYPES in sbi_types.h
> b28b8ac docs: Add description of using OPENSBI_EXTERNAL_SBI_TYPES
> adf8b73 platform: thead/c910: Remove SBI_PLATFORM_HAS_PMP
> f95dd39 docs: platform: Update SiFive FU540 doc as-per U-Boot v2020.01
> 6ffe1be firmware: Fix placement of .align directives
> 7daccae platform: thead/c910: Don't enable L2 cache in warm boot
> a73d45c platform: thead/c910: Don't set plic/clint address in warm boot
> 30cdf00 scripts: Add C910 to platform list in the binary archive script
> 0492c5d include: Typo fix in comment for SBI_SCRATCH_SIZE define
> 046cc16 lib: Move struct sbi_ipi_data definition to sbi_ipi.c
> 3d2aaac lib: Introduce sbi_ipi_send_smode() API
> da9b76b lib: Introduce sbi_ipi_send_halt() API
> a8b4b83 lib: Introduce sbi_tlb_fifo_request() API
> 5f762d1 lib: Introduce sbi_ipi_event_create/destroy() APIs
> 817d50d lib: Drop _fifo from the name of various sbi_tlb_fifo_xyz() functions
> 84cd4fc lib: Initialize TLB management directly from coldboot/warmboot path
> 0a411bf include: Add generic and simple list handling APIs
> 37923c4 lib: Add dynamic registration of SBI extensions
> 7668502 lib: Factor-out SBI legacy extension
> 161b348 lib: Factor-out SBI replacement extensions
> 43ac621 lib: Factor-out SBI vendor extension
> 021b9e7 lib: Factor-out SBI base extension
> 85647a1 platform: template: typo fix in system reboot/shutdown names
> ac1c229 platform: Update UART base addresses for qemu/sifve_u
> d79173b platform: Add an platform ops to return platform specific tlb flush 
> limit
> 2c2bbe7 platform: sifive/fu540: Set tlb range flush limit to zero
> 5ff1ab0 makefile: add support for building on macOS
> 6d0b4c5 platform: Drop qemu/sifive_u support
> 9a717ec platform: sifive: fu540: Add platform specific 'make run' cmd
> d6fa7f9 doc: sifive: fu540: Update QEMU instruction when using U-Boot as the 
> payload
> 179edde lib: sbi_scratch: use bitwise ops in sbi_scratch_alloc_offset()
> 897b8fb lib: Use __builtin_ctzl() in pmp_get()
> 1a8ca08 lib: Initialize out value in SBI calls
> c2bfa2b lib: irqchip/plic: Disable all contexts and IRQs
> c2f23cc platform: Add Spike initial support
> a062200 platform: Remove stale options from config.mk files
> c03c8a1 scripts: Add Spike to platform list of binary archive script
> 29bb2a6 docs: platform: Add documentation for Spike platform
> 48b06ad ThirdPartyNotices: Fix doc styles
> 892e879 doc: coreboot: Fix doc styles
> fdfb533 doc: payload_linux: Fix doc styles
> 44d1296 doc: andes-ae350: Fix doc styles
> a8ef0b5 doc: ariane-fpga: Fix doc styles
> 82fd42f doc: qemu_virt: Fix doc styles
> f8ce996 doc: sifive_fu540: Fix doc styles
> 27a5c7f doc: thead-c910: Fix doc styles
> 0b41453 Revert "lib: Use __builtin_ctzl() in pmp_get()"
> c66543d lib: utils: htif: Fix 32-bit build
> bc874e3 lib: Don't check MIDELEG and MEDELEG at end of delegate_traps()
> 24c3082 lib: Print interrupt and exception delegation in boot prints
> 66fb729 platform: sifive: fu540: Add 32-bit specific fdt/payload addresses
> 3e7d666 platform: qemu: virt: Correct the typo in config.mk
> c3b3b8f lib: Fix typo in atomic exchange functions
> 3936243 lib: Use available hart mask for correct hbase value
> f8b3bb8 lib: Simplify the for-loop in sbi_ipi_send_many()
> ac5e821 include: Bump-up version to 0.6
> Signed-off-by: Bin Meng <address@hidden>

Reviewed-by: Alistair Francis <address@hidden>


> ---
> Changes in v2:
> - new patch: Upgrade opensbi from v0.5 to v0.6
>  pc-bios/opensbi-riscv32-virt-fw_jump.bin     | Bin 40984 -> 41280 bytes
>  pc-bios/opensbi-riscv64-sifive_u-fw_jump.bin | Bin 49160 -> 53760 bytes
>  pc-bios/opensbi-riscv64-virt-fw_jump.bin     | Bin 45064 -> 49664 bytes
>  roms/opensbi                                 |   2 +-
>  4 files changed, 1 insertion(+), 1 deletion(-)
> diff --git a/pc-bios/opensbi-riscv32-virt-fw_jump.bin 
> b/pc-bios/opensbi-riscv32-virt-fw_jump.bin

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