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Re: [RFC v4 69/70] target/riscv: gdb: support vector registers for rv64

From: Richard Henderson
Subject: Re: [RFC v4 69/70] target/riscv: gdb: support vector registers for rv64
Date: Sat, 29 Aug 2020 18:57:18 -0700
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On 8/17/20 1:49 AM, frank.chang@sifive.com wrote:
> +++ b/gdb-xml/riscv-64bit-csr.xml
> @@ -248,4 +248,11 @@
>    <reg name="mucounteren" bitsize="64"/>
>    <reg name="mscounteren" bitsize="64"/>
>    <reg name="mhcounteren" bitsize="64"/>
> +  <reg name="vstart" bitsize="64" group="vector"/>
> +  <reg name="vxsat" bitsize="64" group="vector"/>
> +  <reg name="vxrm" bitsize="64" group="vector"/>
> +  <reg name="vcsr" bitsize="64" group="vector"/>
> +  <reg name="vl" bitsize="64" group="vector"/>
> +  <reg name="vtype" bitsize="64" group="vector"/>
> +  <reg name="vlenb" bitsize="64" group="vector"/>

Just because these are csr's doesn't mean they're unrelated to RVV.  I would
think that ideally they would be in the (generated) RVV-related xml file.

But I'm certainly not a gdb expert.  So if that doesn't work, fine, leave it as 

However, if you leave these in the csr section, I think the next patch has to
be folded in, because you've already included

>  #if defined(TARGET_RISCV32)
>      gdb_register_coprocessor(cs, riscv_gdb_get_csr, riscv_gdb_set_csr,
> -                             241, "riscv-32bit-csr.xml", 0);
> +                             248, "riscv-32bit-csr.xml", 0);

... this.

That said, the actual dynamic xml looks fine.


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