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Re: [RFC v5 06/68] target/riscv: rvv-1.0: add translation-time vector co

From: Frank Chang
Subject: Re: [RFC v5 06/68] target/riscv: rvv-1.0: add translation-time vector context status
Date: Mon, 5 Oct 2020 22:10:52 +0800

On Mon, Oct 5, 2020 at 10:00 PM Richard Henderson <richard.henderson@linaro.org> wrote:
On 10/5/20 2:12 AM, Frank Chang wrote:
>     I think you want to be sharing the code between vsetvl and vsetvli now.  Just
>     pass in a TCGv value to a common helper.
> The only difference now between vsetvl and vsetvli is the format of zimm and s2
> fields.
> But they have different formats and are queried by different functions,
> i.e. s2 = tcg_const_tl(a->zimm); and gen_get_gpr(s2, a->rs2);
> Is there any elegant way to retrieve the values of zimm and s2 by shared common
> codes?

Yes, like I (too briefly) described:

static bool do_vsetvl(DisasContext *ctx,
                      int rd, int rs1, TCGv s2)
    // existing contents of trans_vsetvl
    // do continue to free s2.

static bool trans_vsetvl(DisasContext *ctx, arg_vsetvl *a)
    TCGv s2 = tcg_temp_new();
    gen_get_gpr(s2, a->rs2);
    return do_vsetvl(ctx, a->rd, a->rs1, s2);

static bool trans_vsetvli(DisasContext *ctx, arg_vsetvli *a)
    TCGv s2 = tcg_const_tl(a->zimm);
    return do_vsetvl(ctx, a->rd, a->rs1, s2);


Oops, I misunderstood what the "helper function" you meant.
I thought it was the helper function in vector_helper.c.
I'll update the codes in the next version patchset.

Frank Chang 

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