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Re: [PATCH 04/38] target/riscv: 16-bit Addition & Subtraction Instructio

From: LIU Zhiwei
Subject: Re: [PATCH 04/38] target/riscv: 16-bit Addition & Subtraction Instructions
Date: Thu, 18 Feb 2021 16:47:41 +0800
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On 2021/2/13 3:02, Richard Henderson wrote:
On 2/12/21 7:02 AM, LIU Zhiwei wrote:
+static void tcg_gen_simd_add16(TCGv d, TCGv a, TCGv b)
+    TCGv t1 = tcg_temp_new();
+    TCGv t2 = tcg_temp_new();
+    tcg_gen_andi_tl(t1, a, ~0xffff);
+    tcg_gen_add_tl(t2, a, b);
+    tcg_gen_add_tl(t1, t1, b);
+    tcg_gen_deposit_tl(d, t1, t2, 0, 16);
+    tcg_temp_free(t1);
+    tcg_temp_free(t2);
I will note that there are some helper functions, e.g. tcg_gen_vec_add16_i64
(see the end of include/tcg/tcg-op-gvec.h), but those are explicitly i64, and
you'll still need these for rv32.
Hi Richard,

Yes, that's really what I need.
Do you mind  continue to review the other patches in v1? Or should I send a v2 to fix current error at first?



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