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Qemu PCIe aer error injection

From: Mayuresh Chitale
Subject: Qemu PCIe aer error injection
Date: Fri, 27 Aug 2021 16:08:00 +0530


I am working to add the PCIe root complex event collector support to Qemu. I want to test the AER error injection by using the QMP shell. However I am unable to use the pcie_aer_inject_error command on the QMP shell. I see this error: "id or pci device path is invalid or device not found ".

I tried using the pcie device id in the bdf format but apparently that is not the correct syntax. Help message shows that a qdev device id is required but I am not sure how to find the qdev device id of a pcie device. 

Also, while debugging, I see that qdev_find_recursive function which compares the input device id with that of the devices on the bus fails. This is because the dev->id against which the input device string is compared is always null and it finally causes pci_qdev_find_device to fail.

I am using a Risc V Virt machine with the generic pcie host controller gpex and two e1000e devices attached to the host bridge as root complex integrated endpoints.

Any thoughts or comments would be really appreciated.


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