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Re: [PATCH 10/29] tcg_funcs: Add tlb_flush to TCGModuleOps

From: Richard Henderson
Subject: Re: [PATCH 10/29] tcg_funcs: Add tlb_flush to TCGModuleOps
Date: Tue, 28 Sep 2021 08:50:14 -0400
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On 9/28/21 7:32 AM, Gerd Hoffmann wrote:
diff --git a/include/exec/exec-all.h b/include/exec/exec-all.h
index 608d768a4371..72e4e3b5bb89 100644
--- a/include/exec/exec-all.h
+++ b/include/exec/exec-all.h
@@ -160,7 +160,9 @@ void tlb_flush_page_all_cpus_synced(CPUState *src, 
target_ulong addr);
   * so this is generally safe. If more selective flushing is required
   * use one of the other functions for efficiency.
  void tlb_flush(CPUState *cpu);

I'm pretty sure you can drop these ifdefs. Just because there's a regular declaration for a function doesn't mean a subsequent inline definition does not apply.

And even if that didn't work, I'd be willing to trade inline expansion for not adding lots of ifdefs...

+static inline void tlb_flush(CPUState *cpu)
+    tcg.tlb_flush(cpu);

... these could just as well be out-of-line.


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